Tony Jones Jr. and offensive line

Notre Dame’s Tony Jones Jr., left center, talks to members of the offensive line during the 52-20 victory over Navy.

Notre Dame's bowl destination seemed pretty straightforward for weeks. On Sunday, the Irish officially learned their fate and the opponent that will await them.

CFP No. 15/AP No. 14 Notre Dame (10-2) will take on Iowa State (7-5) in the Camping World Bowl on Dec. 28. The bowl, played at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Fla., will be televised on ABC at noon EST.

Iowa State finished tied for third in the Big 12 with a 5-4 conference record alongside Texas, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Head coach Matt Campbell is 26-24 in his four seasons with the Cyclones.

Iowa State placed three players on the All-Big 12 First Team: tight end Charlie Kolar, left tackle Julian Good-Jones and safety Greg Eisworth. The Cyclones rank No. 9 in the FBS in passing offense with 318.3 yards per game. Sophomore quarterback Brock Purdy has completed 295 of his 445 passes (66.3 percent) for 3,760 yards and 27 touchdowns with nine interceptions.

Notre Dame has never played a football game against Iowa State. The Irish are 29-6-1 against teams currently in the Big 12.

Camping World is the seventh sponsor of what is now known as the Camping World Bowl. It's most recent iterations were the Russell Athletic Bowl (2012-16) and Champs Sports Bowl (2004-11). Notre Dame lost to Florida State, 18-14, in the 2011 Champs Sports Bowl.

For more Camping World Bowl coverage, check out this notebook from Tyler James and this column from Eric Hansen.

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Well its apparent what the level of respect is for Notre Dame in the eyes of the playoff committee. A 10-2 ND playing a 7-5 Iowa State in the Camping World Bowl. Wow...!!

Austin Irish

That is not how it works. It has nothing to do with respect or lack of respect for Notre Dame. The bowls have a pecking order that they use to choose their conference teams. After OU went to CFP and Baylor to NY6, the Alamo got next pick and took lower ranked but higher draw Texas. Camping World was next and took Iowa St rather than higher ranked (barely) Ok St. There weren’t other options for ND. It had nothing to do with perception of ND.


ND isn’t good enough to play anyone else. They probably won’t even win this game. Just get used to it I guess. Notre Dame is a borderline top 15 program at best.

Austin Irish

Also, Camping World has Ok State last year. They likely wanted a new fan base and Iowa St is only marginally lower ranked than Ok St.

Michael the Archangel

#nocycloneblowoutinorlando It's a 'meh' win at best, and a #kellygoaway winter of discontent. Cyclones will be ready so ND uses its better football players to make more key plays like they have ten times already this season. And ND players will come focused lets hope Coach Long isn't too distracted. Make your last game this season be your best (And that includes all position coaches) with fewer penalties; we know the individual effort and great plays will be there. A few new wrinkles and more QB pressure, please!

Austin Irish

Oops. Last year CW Bowl was Syracuse and WVU. Ok State went the year before. I still stand by the probable decision process of selection by CW.

Michael the Archangel

*OOops ! that should have read, it's a 'meh' win at best

or a flood of #kellygoaway winter of our discontent with a loss or even a close game.


Who cares. We’re a middling top-15 team with a borderline top-15 coach. We’re not going to be significantly better next year or the year after or the year after. What an embarrassment. Yeah, go ahead and spin the 10 win BS. Nobody cares. we are not a championship program, and we’re not going to be. #FireKelly

Ludwig von Football

The world of college football is rigged against independents. ND isn't an option for most bowl games because they are tied in with conferences. There are other teams that got a bad deal too. Does anyone really believe that Memphis can beat Penn State? What a dumb matchup. The only way Memphis wins is if Penn State doesn't show up to play and turns the ball over four or five times. Iowa State has had a lot of close games that they could have won. They're actually better competition then Memphis. The Bowl system would be better if the bowls were allowed to invite the teams they wanted.


there will be more empty seats at this game than there was at the boston college game.....nd has every thing to lose and nothing to gain from this opponent....

Ludwig von Football

The Iowa State fans will probably fill most of the stadium. It's a chance to beat ND and get away from the cold weather of Iowa. Why does Virginia get invited to a good bowl game when we beat them soundly. Of course, I know the reason but it just shows the stupidity of the current format. Complaining won't change things but we need to prove the critics wrong by beating Iowa State. Remember Georgia complained last year, didn't show up for their bowl game, and got whipped.


Austin Irish, you missed the whole point of my noting the lack of respect. The final rankings determine whether or not ND was in line for a New Years Day 6 bowl game. There are 3 teams with 3 losses ranked above them and 7 teams ranked above them with the same number of losses. Meaning the CFP committee had very little respect for the quality of their team therefore they are going to at best a mid level bowl against a team that is barely above 500. Regardless of close games or not a loss is a loss. It's pretty clear that the CFP did not view them as a solid program and I can't blame them after they decided not to show up against Michigan. I really think the CFP recognized the limitations of the QB against top tier talent.


The nature of college football has changed. Before the BCS/CFP era, a 10-2 Irish team would certainly be in a top tier bowl. Being an independent is tougher now. Still, I prefer the Irish to be an independent player.

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