Notre Dame offensive coordinator Chip Long has mutually parted ways with Notre Dame and won't coach in the upcoming Irish bowl game.

SOUTH BEND — Notre Dame offensive coordinator Chip Long and the Irish football program have mutually parted ways, two sources have confirmed.

FootballScoop.com was the first to report the news, Wednesday.

Long, 36, will not coach in AP 14th-ranked Notre Dame’s Dec. 28 Camping World matchup with Iowa State (7-5). He has been with head coach Brian Kelly since his post-2016 season reboot.

The Irish (10-2) were in the top 50 nationally in virtually every offensive category this season. The No. 13 ranking in scoring offense is the best of the Brian Kelly Era. The No. 47 ranking in total offense, however, is a drop of 15 spots from last season and 20 spots from 2017.

Long has been mentioned as a candidate for the head coaching vacancy at Memphis, the school where he served as offensive coordinator before joining the Irish.


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Ludwig von Football

Why is he leaving? Was he fired or was he offered another job? Another organization is reporting that Tom Reese will be the new coordinator. I hope that's not true. I didn't like him as a quarterback and I do not like him as a quarterback coach. We need to hire someone who can put a punch in the pathetic running game while maintaining the passing game. Did we find a five star running back?


Yes Chris Tyree is the number 1 all purpose back in high school. Praying Tony Jones slowly fades into oblivion.


Tony Jones is crucial for pass protection. Look at New England


So who is this Chris Tyree? If he s as highly ranked as you say he must be a 5 star RB. Notre Dame hasnt gotten very many 5 stars at the skill positions lately. Where is he from? How were we able to get him?


If I recal I think he is taking the OC job with Lane Kiffin down at Ole Miss. And with Kiffin's track record there is a 50-50 chance Lane will be fired after a years or two and the open possibility for promotion to head coach could be quick


I felt at times his offensive schemes weren't fooling anybody. The plays were too slow in unfolding. From one week to the next the plays were very similar in design.


Rees is low-hanging fruit.

jim masterson

Eric, any thoughts that you can share?

Without upsetting BK, et al.

I would hope that Chip Long will be moving to a HC position. Memphis would be ideal.

Regarding the RB's, or lack thereof; You cannot make chicken salad out of chicken feathers.

The best ND RB was a WR coming out of high school. That should speak volumes regarding the running production at ND this year.

Casual fan

Hey Bernie and the Lud, feel free to have a positive comment now and again.


Is ND losing its shine? Imagine a 10-2 ND team playing in a lower level bowl. At 10-2 Bama, OSU, LSU, Geogia, PSU, Mich even Minnesota, and Baylor are getting better bowl games. ND must reduce it admission standards enough to compete with the big boys. Thats why 80% of the time we don't fair well in big games. Because we are playing with mostly 3 star recruits sprinkled with a few 4 stars. But the other prime time teams have 5- to 10 Five stars and a 15 four star recruits. You cant beat the big boys if you don't have the prime time players to match up.


Music Man, I understand what you are saying and share your frustration. However, the main issue is Notre Dame not being in a conference limits the bowl options, added to the fact that they did not finish high enough in the final CFP rankings to secure a major bowl. Your points are valid, but not many options existed this year. 15 years ago a 10-2 Irish team would've landed in Major Bowl, but times have changed. For better or worse I'm not sure


The ND running game did suck but I don't think it was the running backs faults. It starts upfront. If your RB's are getting gang banged behind the line of scrimmage that's not their fault. Not to mention how often Ian Book is running for his life on nearly every pass play. The problem is up front. There didn't seem to be a very aggressive physical attitude up front


Running issues certainly weren't Long's fault. Our top two running backs started the season injured, and while Tony Jones is adequate - he is far from a top tier back. All in all, Long did a far better than average job; therefore, I don't understand why Long and ND are parting ways.


Ronrat I agree I think many reasons exist for the overall lack of a running game. I like Tony Jones and think that he's solid just not elite, however, his ability to help in Blitz pickups and block in the passing game were the primary reason he saw a majority of the snaps. Injuries certainly played a role as well. I liked Chip Long and thought for the most part his play calling and game situation coaching were pretty solid. Certainly an influx of speed and talent in the recruiting class will help but overall the lack of an elite back was the main culprit I think.


Not surprised. Seems historically when ND fails at winning a bog game or, as now, going to a lower tier bowl, game, other heads roll. I don't dislike BK but I do not think he is a big game coach. He has been at ND long enough to disprove my thought but hasn't done it. ND will always be a mediocre team albeit sometimes 10-2, but won't bring the luster back nor consistently be in the National Championship hunt under the current coach.

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