Notre Dame offensive guard Aaron Banks (69) picks up Chase Claypool (83) after Claypool scored against Boston College, Nov. 23 at Notre Dame.

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There is a lot of discussion pro and con about the impact of Ian Book as a QB capable of leading ND to another National Championship. How does Book compare in passing and running stats to at this point of his career: Tony Rice, Joe Montana and Tom Clements?


Kerry Irving, TX. Eric, first, thank you for providing this forum. Second, thank you for the always solid reporting of all things ND football. Question: Among the current assistant coaches on Brian Kelly's staff, does Clark Lea show the most promise in being a quality successor to Brian Kelly? Follow-up question: Is it too soon to start thinking of Tom Fees as a viable successor to Brian Kelly?


Rick from SoCal. With Book going under center for some snaps in the bowl game, can we expect (hope!) that ND does away with that CLAP to start each play? This does not give our OL any advantage of knowing the snap count so the opposing DL can get off the block as quickly as our OL. I believe the clap is one of the reasons for all the off-sides and procedure penalties.

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