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Notre Dame squeaked out a 21-20 victory over Virginia Tech on Saturday with the help of some heroics from Irish quarterback Ian Book. Head coach Brian Kelly said it's a bit quieter around Notre Dame this week, but it won't be quiet if the Irish lose another game.

That keeps the pressure high on No. 15 Notre Dame (6-2) for Saturday's road trip to Duke (4-4).

On this week's podcast, Tyler James and Eric Hansen invited former Notre Dame All-American defensive lineman Chris Zorich to join the show.

Zorich discussed Notre Dame's performance against Virginia Tech, the Irish defensive line, his disappointment with this season, if the Irish can win a national championship in the next five years, playing for Lou Holtz and more (1:49).

Then Tyler James and Eric Hansen made Duke game predictions in the Place Your Bets segment (25:51), highlighted RB Jafar Armstrong in Junior or Jr. (32:07), and answered questions from Twitter (35:12).

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Zorich for next defensive line coach whether Kelly is fired or stayed Just imagine how Chris would deal with stupidity or cowardice by either Kelly as head coach or a cowardly ,or slow defensive line at ND

Chris would be able to slap around the entire D line ,then Kelly then the opponent

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