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Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book (12) tries to avoid being hit by Boston College's Isaiah McDuffie (55) during the 40-7 Irish victory.

Happy Thanksgiving, ND Insider Premium subscribers.

In this space, I normally have a written analysis of Notre Dame’s offense from the previous game following my weekly charting and film review.

However, with the condensed week for the holiday, I’ve run out of time to complete my typical writeup. Instead of making you wait until Friday for a breakdown written on an airplane, I’m sharing with you now the numbers I chart every week. It’s the same information I provide following every game without me waxing poetic about them.

Consider it a side dish for your Thanksgiving meal rather than a full entree. I’ll be back next week with a full analysis of Notre Dame’s offense following the Stanford game.

All the numbers below are limited to the starting offense with quarterback Ian Book in Notre Dame’s 40-7 win over Boston College last Saturday.

Pass protection

Dropbacks: 50

Pressures: 16

Pressured on 32 percent of dropbacks.

Losses on pressures (17): Unblocked 6, RB Tony Jones Jr. 3, C Jarrett Patterson 2, RT Josh Lugg 2, LG Aaron Banks 2, RB C’Bo Flemister 1 and Book 1.

Book against 16 pressures: 5-of-9 for 53 yards and one touchdown with one drop, one catchable pass, one overthrow and one throwaway. Seven runs, including one sack, for 32 yards.

Runs on dropbacks: Nine positive runs for 40 yards. One sack for a loss of eight yards.

Protection matchups

Notre Dame’s pass protection had more players dedicated to protecting Book than Boston College sent in pass rush on 40 dropbacks. The numbers were even on eight dropbacks. Twice the Irish were outnumbered.

Even protection: Book went 4-of-6 for 37 yards with one overthrow and one throwaway. He ran twice for 28 yards. Boston College produced four pressures.

Outnumbered protection: Book went 1-of-2 for six yards with one drop. Boston College pressured Book on both dropbacks.

Here’s how Book fared against the various pass rushes Boston College sent his way.

Three-man rush (3 times): 2-of-2 for 25 yards. One run for five yards. One pressure.

Four-man rush (27 times): 15-of-23 for 125 yards and 2 TDs with three drops, three PBUs, one underthrow and one catchable throw. Four runs, including one sack, for four yards. Six pressures.

Five-man rush (14 times): 7-of-9 for 77 yards with one PBU and one overthrow. Five runs for 50 yards. Five pressures.

Six-man rush (5 times): 2-of-5 for 12 yards and 1 TD with two overthrows and one throwaway. Three pressures.

Seven-man rush (1 time): 0-of-1 with a drop. One pressure.

Passing depths

Book completed 26-of-40 passes for 239 yards and 3 touchdowns in the victory. Here’s a breakdown of his throws relative to yards thrown from the line of scrimmage. It does not include his one throwaway.

Behind the line to 0: 4-of-5 for 20 yards. One drop.

1-5 yards: 7-of-12 for 48 yards. Three drops, one PBU, one catchable throw.

6-10 yards: 10-of-13 for 96 yards and 1 TD. Two PBUs and one overthrow.

11-15 yards: 3-of-5 for 28 yards and 2 TDs. One PBU and one overthrow.

16-20 yards: 1-of-2 for 21 yards. One overthrow.

21-30 yards: 1-of-2 for 26 yards. One overthrow.

31-plus yards: N/A.

Book completed his passes for a total depth of 183 yards beyond the line of scrimmage, including 11 yards in the end zone. Book’s pass catchers accounted for 67 yards after the catch.

Personnel production

Notre Dame’s starting offense ran 73 plays, excluding penalties and field goals, for 437 yards and four touchdowns. The 50 dropbacks resulted in 239 passing yards and three touchdowns and 59 rushing yards. The 23 designed runs produced 139 rushing yards and one touchdown.

The offense only used two different personnel looks: three wide receivers or two tight ends. Here’s how each personnel grouping fared.

Three wide receivers: 48 plays (75% dropbacks) for 253 yards and 2 TDs.

• 36 dropbacks: 18-of-28 for 162 yards and 2 TDs. Eight runs, including one sack, for 42 yards.

• 12 designed runs: 49 yards. Tony Jones Jr: 9 for 39. Ian Book 2 for 7. C’Bo Flemister: 1 for 3.

Two tight ends: 25 plays (56% dropbacks) for 184 yards and 2 TDs.

• 14 dropbacks: 8-of-12 for 77 yards and 1 TD. Two runs for 17 yards.

• 11 designed runs: 90 yards and 1 TD. Jones: 6 for 22. Flemister: 4 for 7. Lenzy: 1 for a 61 TD.



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