Rivals ranking: Four stars, No. 29 SDE.

247Sports ranking: Three stars, No. 41 DT, No. 557 overall. 

Notable numbers: 58 tackles, 24 tackles for a loss, six sacks, three pass breakups, two fumble recoveries, one safety and one interception returned for a touchdown.

Birthday: Sept. 15, 2000.

First scholarship offer: Texas Tech.

Moment I knew I wanted to be Irish: "The first time stepping foot on campus, seeing the golden dome and everything (for the USC game in 2017)."

One word to describe Brian Kelly: Passionate. 

The one thing I won’t miss about the recruiting process: "Having to text back and forth with coaches."

Best player I’ve played against: Stanford S commit Jonathan McGill. 

The last thing you watched on Netflix: "The Office." He added, "Michael (Scott) is a type where I get second-hand embarrassment. It is hard to watch, but he's so funny." 

Most embarrassing song on my playlist: "Burn It To The Ground" — Nickelback.

Dream job (other than the NFL): Orthopedic surgeon. "After I tore my ACL, I got really interested in it."

NFL player comparison: Bills DT Harrison Phillips. "Just the way that we are both so physical and control the line of scrimmage."

Expectations for my freshman season: "Come in and get to work, be as productive as possible and do whatever the team needs to help us win."

Favorite football accomplishment: "Probably catching a pick-six."

Under Armour, Nike or Adidas: Under Armour. 

What was the first position you played in football? Offensive line. "And I hated it. I played offensive line all pee wee, and it made me quit football. I hated playing offensive line. I quit playing football from third grade (until middle school)."

What’s your best sport other than football? Baseball. "I grew up thinking I was going to play baseball." 

Sports idol: J.J. Watt.

Preferred social media: Twitter.

Favorite musician/band: Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

Celebrity crush: Kate Upton. 

How many times have you watched Rudy? Two.

Most used emoji: ðŸ˜‚

How many pets do you have? One dog, Cupcake.

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