More Story: Joe Theismann evaluates ND QBs


Mike Vorel
South Bend Tribune

Today, we posted a story about former Notre Dame quarterback Joe Theismann visiting the Irish's practice on Wednesday and evaluating what he saw from the quarterbacks and the rest of the roster.

Of course, some of our interview with Theismann was left on the cutting room floor.

But that's where Irish Stew comes in.

Enjoy a little bit more of Theismann's insight on Brian Kelly, depth at the quarterback position and the devastating 2014 loss to Florida State.

Joe Theismann

On Notre Dame's experience shining in spring practice:

"We’ve some guys that have been around here for a while coming back, which is great. We’ve got the foundation on the offensive line. I think there’s a good influx of young players – freshmen, sophomores – young guys that have redshirted. It just looked very smooth. For a spring practice, the guys were efficient. It was a long practice, and they worked hard.”

On the potential of redshirted freshman quarterback DeShone Kizer:

“DeShone hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to play. He’s got some darn good skills, too. It’s hard for a big guy to move around, but he moves. He’s got good feet. Ball position he’s working on. He’s young.”

On Notre Dame's quarterback situation with Everett Golson, Malik Zaire and DeShone Kizer:

“We’re very fortunate. I don’t think there are many universities that are in the position that we are at Notre Dame to have two exceptional athletes and a fine young quarterback as a third.”

On Notre Dame's 2014 loss at Florida State:

“Last year, with what happened at Florida State…I still think we got screwed at Florida State. I think it set us back on our heels a little bit, and you’re dealing with young men. Sometimes that gut punch carries over a little bit. Brian VanGorder was a brand new defensive coordinator implementing a new system, and we gave up a lot of points in the latter point of the season."

On Notre Dame's momentum coming off a bowl win:

"I thought a great sign for us as a program is how well we played against LSU in the bowl game. To me, that was a great indicator to where we are as a program. We battled it out the last four, five games of the season after Florida State, then came back with a really, really stellar performance against LSU. If you’re in the football program, you have to feel pretty good, because LSU is a darn good football program. Les does a terrific job. He has great athletes down there, and we did a terrific job with them. Our program is in great hands with Brian Kelly and his coaching staff.”

On the role Notre Dame played in his life:

“It’s where it all started. It’s where you started to grow up as a person. It’s where you started to develop who you are as a person. In some cases, it’s where you lay the foundation for what you’re going to end up doing for the rest of your life. There’s a lot of great memories that go along, for me, with the University of Notre Dame.”

former Notre Dame quarterback Joe Theismann visited practice on Wednesday (SBT File Photo).