Fans React: Notre Dame's Golson plans to transfer


Mike Vorel
South Bend Tribune

Some massive news hit Twitter on Thursday, as Notre Dame senior quarterback Everett Golson announced his plans to transfer and play his final season of eligibility at a different school.

What do you, the fan, think about this news? Are you excited to see Malik Zaire start at quarterback in 2015, disappointed that Golson is transferring, or some of both?

We asked for reactions, and the fans more than made their voices heard.

@mikevorel Excited. I was expecting Kelly to roll with Golson because of comfort. Now Zaire gets the start like he should.

— Brummy D (@pestilenceaf23) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel Is both acceptable? Reminds me of 2012. Lots of questions, but it forces ND to run the ball more. I like that!

— Steve Gormley (@SteveGormley7) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel I'm excited to see Zaire at QB in 2015. He's shown glimpses of greatness on read option & the team could do well under him.

— Jude (@andrewwinn) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel disappointed is an understatement

— Jason Coffman (@jcoff574) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel Definitely excited. Hope springs eternal. Lots of upside on Malik, especially remaining eligibility.

— Timothy M. (@timmythetweeter) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel excited plus it gives more reps to the other two QBs on the roster.

— richard crahal (@Cra666) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel If it means more running from Zaire and rest of backfield then it's a positive.

— Neil Callahan (@neil_callahan) May 7, 2015//

. @mikevorel I need a sculptor and some bronze, STAT.

— Irish Tightness (@IrishTightness) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel next man in. Go Irish. Good luck #5

— Jess & Torres girls (@beatrizandjess) May 7, 2015//


— Paul Darling (@Paulie932) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel Zaire would get more playing time in '15 anyhow. Kelly would get tired of the turnovers. Zaire can use his feet and has a cannon

— Dan (@dpettit9) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel It's the end of an interesting run from title game, to suspension, and now transfer. Would have been cool to see him finish

— mitch stoermer (@mitchstoermer) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel excited!!!! My guess is wimbush pushes kizer and ends up the 2nd qb come fall. Haskins also commits

— Coach Chaney (@chaney2800) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel would rather he stayed, but can't blame him for leaving.

— Jeff Welty (@DubbDubbs) May 7, 2015//

@beatrizandjess@mikevorel Excited. No anger to Golson but Zaire is a more confident player. It hurts the depth chart but otherwise GOOD!

— ConstitutionFirst (@BctFirst) May 7, 2015//

@mikevorel very disappointed. Fans are going to want him back when they realize Zaire's mouth doesn't win games

— Brad Lantz (@SirLantz_Alot) May 7, 2015//