Tim McCarthy to be honored at Saturday's Notre Dame game


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SOUTH BEND — May I have your attention, please?

Former Indiana State Police Sgt. Tim McCarthy, famous for decades for his pun-filled safety messages at Notre Dame football games, will make one last official appearance at the stadium on Saturday.

McCarthy will be recognized and will deliver his final safety tip live from the field Saturday during the Notre Dame-Massachusetts game in Notre Dame Stadium.

McCarthy announced in April he was retiring from his game duty, after 55 years of providing safety quips. The game management staff used recordings of previous McCarthy messages during the first two home games this season.

However, McCarthy, who lives near Valparaiso, has agreed to attend the game this weekend. He will be recognized at the end of the third period and plans to reprise the first safety message he used in 1960.

McCarthy became a celebrity during his many years of providing safety messages during Fighting Irish home games. 

Here are some examples of what he delivered to fans over the years:

• "Remember, no one relishes a pickled driver."

• "Weaving in and out of traffic can make you a basket case."

• "Driving half lit is not very bright."

The Notre Dame Monogram Club presented him with an honorary monogram in 2013.

Tim McCarthy, a retired Indiana State Police sergeant, speaks at the Hammes Bookstore, at the University of Notre Dame, in this 2012 photo. (SBT File Photo)