Twitter Chatter: Notre Dame-Michigan memories


Mike Vorel
South Bend Tribune

In the wake of Thursday's announcement that the Notre Dame-Michigan football series will resume in 2018, we asked Notre Dame fans on Twitter two questions:

1. What do you think about the series' rebirth, and

2. What is your favorite Notre Dame-Michigan memory?

Needless to say, Irish fans responded. Here's what they had to say.

@mikevorel : Go and Rocket return in the big House

— Olivier Daoust (@OliDaoust) July 7, 2016

Yes. And ND beating Michigan in 1999.

— Andrew HammondAP (@ahammsportsgeek) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel Meh, I don't have a strong feeling either way. More in favor than against. Fave was Rocket's 2 return TDs. Easily.

— Alfredo Rodriguez (@nd_fredo) July 7, 2016

Pick-six to preserve a shut out that gets called back because of a shot on the quarterback pretty much has to be it.

— oak (@oaknd1) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel great it's back. I was at 125th night game, Manti's INT was awesome, stadium loudest I have heard it

— Kameron Spivey (@kameron_spivey) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel awesome and probably the Manti Te'o game to be honest, even though it turned out the way it did.. (And obviously 2014 shutout)

— Fighting Irish Daily (@IrishDaily10) July 7, 2016

— HI MY NAME IS JARED (@Irishfootball11) July 7, 2016

— Ken P (@KenWPac) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel happy, and Reggie Ho's big day

— Ara Rainey (@mos16) July 7, 2016

Like it, but wish the '18 schedule wasn't so tough. Fav memory was the Pick6 by Shu that didn't count rubbing it in

— Jay Williams (@DubbsOnDubbs) July 7, 2016

Bo kept kicking to Rocket

— Craig V. O'Connor (@MorrisDWIAtty) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel I'm only excited for it if they bring Eminem in for half time interviews.

— Jeff Welty (@DubbDubbs) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel like it and Jarious Jackson leading us to the win in 98! I also love this game an awful lot

— Chris Kosiak (@C_K_42) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel playing December '63 on the field after 2012 was pretty sublime

— MPK (@citizenkane92) July 7, 2016

Great for both programs, consistent CFB contenders for years + Kelly vs Harbaugh element = huge ratings. Rocket '89.

— Ed Heavy (@ImEdHeavy) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel awesome, huge rivalry for Midwest ND fans and a great national September game. Rocket running back the kick returns.

— IrishFan2016 (@NDirish57) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel I can do without them. It's like watching a couple get back together when you were relieved they had broken up. ('90 comeback.)

— Matt Ryan (@sagcat) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel happy it's renewed, but we get Harbaugh now. The shutout was awesome, but smothering Denard Robinson in 2012 was amazing!

— Brian Pennacchio (@brianp05) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel great rivalry and nothing better then beating meat chicken! Rocket best memory

— Johnny Wilds (@JohnnyWBoxing) July 7, 2016

Think UM@ND was 1st ND game I went to way back when. Also, was on field for '02 game @ ND for student mgrs.

— Brent (@bhaydon5) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel yes, and in my life time definitely the 37-0 win

— E Noll (@Evan_Noll52) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel meh. favorite memory: when Michigan's official Twitter tweeted out this pic with the (in)correct score

— Isaac Garcia (@eyegar) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel my very first game as a student, "dethroning the champs", in Sept 1998.

— Sarah Ordish (@sordish) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel 1943 when Michigan took their ball and didn't come out and play for 30+ years.

— Chad (@ChadSpringer) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel 1st home game as a student, night game, #1 ND wins 28-24. I thought we'd never lose in my 4 years after that!!!

— Bryan Sharpe (@irisharpe) July 7, 2016

@mikevorel first game ever under lights at ND stadium thanks to @MuscoLighting sat top row of corner end zone. Never forget it.

— Mick C (@SBShamrocks) July 7, 2016