#NDInsider Twitter Chatter: Notre Dame-Boston College


Tyler James
South Bend Tribune

Twitter can be a fun (or depressing) and brutally honest (or unreasonable) place during Notre Dame football games. That's why we open up this space for the #NDInsider Twitter Chatter after games.

During the game, readers are encouraged to send their thoughts and observations with the #NDInsider hashtag to be considered for our postgame fan recap. They joined us with their 140-character takes during the game.

With Notre Dame expected to be the superior team in a matchup against Boston College, some Irish fans didn't take long to panic when the Eagles didn't roll over and even scored the first points of the game with a field goal.

3 straight passes to start game?? Don't get it; you'd think O would want to push BC around after last week #RTDB#NDInsider

— Justin (@JB4Irish) September 16, 2017

I'm fine with the way things are unfolding.

— Dave Hancock (@dhancock110) September 16, 2017

Notre Dame took the lead with what would become a familiar formula. Running back Josh Adams ripped off a 65-yard run, and then quarterback Brandon Wimbush capped the drive with a two-yard touchdown run.

The Irish led 7-3 after an ugly first quarter that included six punts and six first downs combined between the two teams.

Wish Hiestand's o-line could beat competent defenses #NDInsider

— Chris Hatcher (@ChrisHatcher17) September 16, 2017

#NDinsider concerned with passing game. Receivers need to get open!

— Matt (@Mattcorich) September 16, 2017

#NDInsider just another brian kelly notre dame team woefully unprepared / ready for a far less talented opponent. No surprises here

— Albert Gelson (@AJ_Gelson) September 16, 2017

#NDInsider Our WR corp is not very good.

— Andy Drude (@hadrude) September 16, 2017

Also, BC crowd makes ND stadium look like British Open #NDInsider

— Chris Hatcher (@ChrisHatcher17) September 16, 2017

When the guy who is supposed to throw the ball can't actually throw the ball, it's going to be a long year. #NDInsider

— Jesse Tamayo (@JesseTam1) September 16, 2017

Wimbush looks very uncomfortable. Offense needs to do better controlling line of scrimmage. #NDInsider

— Bryan Swint (@BryanSwint) September 16, 2017

Boston College took the lead back with a 22-yard touchdown reception between quarterback Anthony Brown and wide receiver Charlie Callinan. The Eagles were playing surprisingly competent on offense while Notre Dame's offense couldn't find any rhythm.

Who is this team I'm watching? #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) September 16, 2017

Lackluster and listless #NDInsider

— C. L. D. (@CLDoyle94) September 16, 2017

What is offense and defense doing in this game? How do the Irish make inexperienced QBs look like Heisman winners each week? #NDInsider

— Joe Dunn (@joedunndc) September 16, 2017

GUYS! There's no need to panic. Everything is fine. Toooooootally fine.

— Dave Hancock (@dhancock110) September 16, 2017

#NDInsider they're playing like a middle school team. Just pathetic

— Dude Abides (@SlumpBuster1978) September 16, 2017

For a position of depth, we have no effective receivers. Talent issue or coaching? Game plan? #NDInsider

— NDPhinsFan (@MDDeBord) September 16, 2017

There are multiple people calling for Ian Book in the @18stripes chat room, just so you know how rational our fanbase remains. #NDInsider

— Jude (@andrewwinn) September 16, 2017

#NDInsider wish we had traditional running plays... ☹️☘️

— LK (@sju3com) September 16, 2017

Are we sure wimbush is good #NDInsider

— dennis cahill (@CahillPlug66) September 16, 2017

I'm done believing in the oline. They just don't play well together #NDInsider

— Andrew Smith (@AJSmith2021) September 16, 2017

Notre Dame regained the lead late in the second quarter with a one-yard Wimbush touchdown run. The Irish would take a 14-10 advantage into halftime, but a lead wasn't enough to calm all qualms. Wimbush struggled throwing the ball, and the Eagles were hanging around to make the game uncomfortable.

Did we answer our WR issue and use Dexter Williams yet? #NDInsider

— spartyirish (@spartyirish) September 16, 2017

#NDInsider Wimbush cannot put the ball in his receivers hands. ESB looks extremely frustrated. Wimbush doesn't seem to be able read D easily

— Christopher Erway Jr (@CJErway) September 16, 2017

Won't win many games being one dimensional team. What is the problem with the passing game #NDInsider

— Tim Lybarger (@tlybarger19) September 16, 2017

With many fans clamoring for change, I asked which change they'd like to see in the second half.

A pass play with EQ as a decoy and BW not stare him down the entire play. Oh and no happy feet. Stand behind your good O line. #NDInsider

— Kevin (@NUTS_shipit) September 16, 2017

How about a D that doesn't look terrible against one of the worst offenses in the country? #NDinsider

— Josh Melton (@joshuamelton) September 16, 2017

Give us a new head coach #NDInsider

— Louis (@_WeAreND_) September 16, 2017

Less progression for the QB. Receivers to actually make plays on the ball. #NDInsider

— Adam Schlutt (@bigmaac24) September 16, 2017

#NDInsider Run the ball between the guards. 130yds on 2 carries

— Brian Harron (@brian_harron) September 16, 2017

Two consecutive weeks of below average play by the QB is very concerning. Where are the playmakers on offense other than Adams? #NDInsider

— Bill Gilligan (@irishfan357) September 16, 2017

Get a QB that can hit an open receiver #NDInsider

— Jim Nies (@BigJimSports) September 16, 2017

Take some shots downfield #NDInsider

— Beezy (@Mitchjagger83) September 16, 2017

For Winbush to stop overthrowing receivers #NDInsider

— Bill Merritt (@nd94bill) September 16, 2017

Brian Kelly calling plays #NDInsider#downwiththeship

— Jack Shonkwiler (@JTShonk3) September 16, 2017

Throwing the ball more with out play action, even if it mean Ian Book needs to throw the ball #NDInsider#WimbushIsInaccurate

— Tom Creedon (@TACreedon) September 16, 2017

#NDinsider New head coach! Not inspiring.

— Steve Hicks (@HicksBunch) September 16, 2017

Free Stepherson!! #NDInsider#FreeStepherson

— Billy Nini Pratt (@NiniPratt) September 16, 2017

It would be nice to see ND control the LOS on either side of ball in second half. #NDInsider

— Jim Selvio (@jselvio) September 16, 2017

#NDInsider 1)throw the draw play out

— jose becerra (@josejose4482) September 16, 2017

All fans to be respectful and put this silly college sport into perspective.... #justkidding change from beer to liquor #NDInsider#NDFB

— BJ Konkle (@BJKonkle) September 16, 2017

Solid TE involvement...smythe, weishar, and a solid, physical mack who catches the ball. And more Daelin! (Sorry, that's 2!) #NDInsider

— Shannon Fay Kamenick (@IrishShanRocks) September 16, 2017

Boston College cut Notre Dame's lead to one with another field goal following a Wimbush fumble. The Eagles didn't seem to be going away.

This next quarter and a half may determine Kelly's future at ND #ndinsider#NotreDameFootball

— Kevin Hastings (@KevinIrishndhas) September 16, 2017

Hottest take ever:

What if the last two years, are BKs effort to make us a triple option team?#NDInsider#NDvsBC

— Joel (@VoluntaryJoel41) September 16, 2017

Notre Dame finally started to pull away late in the third quarter with touchdown runs by running back Tony Jones Jr. and Wimbush. The Irish led 28-13 after three quarters, but it was going to take a lot to wipe away the frustration of the first two-plus quarters.

Own the 4th quarter #NDInsider

— NDPhinsFan (@MDDeBord) September 16, 2017

If they continue to try to control the line of scrimmage on both sides. Run the ball on offense and get pressure on defense. #NDinsider

— Aaron Large (@The_Large1) September 16, 2017

Just once, put them completely away #NDvsBC#NDInsider

— Jason Rideout (@fuzzbucket43) September 16, 2017

Aside from Notre Dame's failures early in the game, the ESPN broadcast of the game, which featured Steve Levy and Brian Griese, took a lot of heat.

Fire this announce crew #ndinsider

— McCleary (@irishwarrior8) September 16, 2017

I can't handle Griese for much longer #NDvsBC#NDInsider

— Jason Rideout (@fuzzbucket43) September 16, 2017

Steve Levy has gone to the "one score, one possession game" or "two score, two possession game" shade on Kelly at least 2x now. #NDInsider

— Jude (@andrewwinn) September 16, 2017

Notre Dame continued to pile up points with the rushing attack and finished with a 49-20 victory. The Irish scored all seven touchdowns on the ground, and Wimbush and Adams each rushed for more than 200 yards. Together they became the first duo to accomplish the milestone in the same game in program history.

But of course a win doesn't wash away any worries about the passing game. Those will persist into the week and longer into the season until Wimbush can prove to be a reliable thrower.

— Jude (@andrewwinn) September 16, 2017

It is nice to see adjustments made at halftime by the ND defense too. #GoIrish#NDvsBC#NDInsider

— Jason Rideout (@fuzzbucket43) September 16, 2017

Today proved ND can be confident in the run game if they're consistent. Wimbush has to improve on passing, D has to tighten up. #NDInsider

— Dave Hancock (@dhancock110) September 16, 2017

Teams are just going to stack the box to stop the offense going forward. One dimensional team right now. #NDInsider

— Adam Joe (@IrishFan02) September 16, 2017

really good on the ground. Reality was shown by UGA that it can be severely limited. Passing game is broken. Big changes needed. #ndinsider

— Carleton Butler (@carleton_butler) September 16, 2017

Notre Dame should play smash mouth football and run teams into the ground a la the Holtz era. Play action passing like Tony Rice #NDInsider

— DJ Gib (@Domergib) September 16, 2017

@TJamesNDI@mikevorel Passing game woes. How much is Wimbush? Route running accuracy? Or poor receiver execution (drops, etc.)? #NDInsider

— Craig Spann (@NDAlum7) September 16, 2017

Thank Our Lady! I could not take another loss week on Twitter #NDinsider

— yvonne (@_bonbonn_) September 16, 2017

Not used to seeing a predominantly rushing team, but if that's what gets us the W...sign me up! #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) September 16, 2017

#NDInsider This is one of the best "Armed Forces" offenses I've seen!

— wizard of Rob (@wizardofrob) September 16, 2017

Irish and Wimbush need to focus on other receivers and then try to open EQ up, we need more passing from him over the season. #NDInsider

— Last Of A Dyin Breed (@Mr1FocusedGuy) September 16, 2017

#NDInsider Wimbush is an elite athlete, not an elite QB. Passing game has to improve and then we'll be a 10-win team. If not, 7-8 wins max.

— Chase Bigham (@chasebigham) September 17, 2017

5 mins into second half who had Irish winning by 29?? Not me......#NotreDameFootball#GoIRISH#NDInsider

— Kevin Hastings (@KevinIrishndhas) September 17, 2017

#NDinsider can we please use tight ends more in pass game wimbush struggling to complete anything over 5 yards more rollout tight ends drags

— mike walker (@mjwalker1200) September 17, 2017

#NDInsider Run game dominant, Pass game absent, Secondary porous

— Ryan (@irishdodger) September 16, 2017

Notre Dame fans celebrate with players after the Notre Dame at Boston College NCAA College football game Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017, at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Tribune Photo/MICHAEL CATERINA