St. Brown brothers to be featured on HBO's Real Sports


Tyler James
South Bend Tribune

The St. Brown brothers are in the spotlight again.

On Tuesday night, the football family from Southern California that sent Equanimeous St. Brown to Notre Dame and Osiris St. Brown to Stanford and will soon send Amon-Ra St. Brown to USC will be the focus of a 15-minute segment on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

The segment tells the story many Notre Dame fans already know: how John Brown created a family with his wife, Miriam, and has sculpted them into coveted wide receivers. The story highlights many of the idiosyncrasies of Brown and how he’s raised his kids.

“It works,” Brown said in an interview with Bernie Goldberg. “You can say what you want. Some people thought I was crazy, but now they think I’m crazy as a fox.”

While much of the story is familiar, it’s supplemented by old family video of the St. Brown boys working out as young kids and a look at some of John Brown’s artwork and the women’s clothing he’s designed. It also spends time showing how Miriam Brown has driven the sons academically.

Parallels are drawn between John Brown and LaVar Ball, who has turned his three basketball-playing sons into a spectacle and business. Brown, like Ball, isn’t afraid to talk about potential shoe deals.

“Adidas is a German company,” Brown said. “My sons are German. And I got three boys and they got three stripes, why not?”

The segment will debut Tuesday on the latest episode Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO at 10 p.m. EST.

Below is a press release about the segment and a preview clip.

“Under the Southern California sunshine, a bombastic entrepreneur and father has spent the better part of two decades developing his three sons into world-class athletes. That might sound like basketball’s Ball family, but this is the St. Brown family of football. Father John, a two-time Mr. Universe, set his plan in motion by marrying a tall, strong German woman, intending to create supreme athletes. Then, he meticulously controlled his boys’ caloric intake and weight training to fine-tune their bodies, while mother Miriam exercised their minds, encouraging them to speak three different languages.

“Their diligence paid off, with each son becoming a Division 1-caliber wide receiver. Equanimeous, the oldest, has led Notre Dame’s aerial assault for the past two seasons and will enter the 2018 NFL Draft. Osiris, the middle child, is entering his second year at Stanford University and Amon-Ra, a high school senior, recently committed to the University of Southern California. Correspondent Bernard Goldberg meets the St. Browns and finds them to be everything the Balls are not.”

All three St. Brown brothers (from left), Osiris, Equanimeous and Amon-Ra, were at the Notre Dame-Stanford game in November. (Photo courtesy of HBO/Real Sports)