#NDInsider Twitter Chatter: Notre Dame-Ball State


Tyler James
South Bend Tribune

Twitter can be a fun (or depressing) and brutally honest (or unreasonable) place during Notre Dame football games. That's why we open up this space for the #NDInsider Twitter Chatter following games.

During the game, readers are encouraged to send their thoughts and observations with the #NDInsider hashtag to be considered for our postgame fan recap. They joined us with their 280-character takes during the game.

The first couple minutes against Ball State went as expected. The Irish scored on their first drive with a one-yard touchdown run by Jafar Armstrong.

A start of which @TJamesNDI would be proud. #NDInsider

— yo murphy (@rofeal1) September 8, 2018

Nice & easy! 7-0 Irish. #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) September 8, 2018

ok team...what we're not going to do is let Ball State compete with us in this the past we've had a habit of playing down to our opponent #NDInsider#NotreDame#notredamefootball

— Cocosnapslife (@cdn515) September 8, 2018

The positive vibes from Notre Dame's first drive quickly faded. Ball State added a field goal to make it 7-3, and the Irish offense failed to score again in the first quarter. The expected blowout got off to an underwhelming start.

— HLS_SupermanTDJesus (@SupermanTDJesus) September 8, 2018

#NDInsider Underwhelming

— artie_rx (@artie_rx) September 8, 2018

Meh #NDInsider

— Nick Blashill (@nickblashill) September 8, 2018

#NDInsider Brian Kelly teams incapable of dispatching mediocre teams like elite programs do. -- 1st Quarter Recap

— Robert Nolan (@factor71_rjn) September 8, 2018


— William Welker (@elkman1966) September 8, 2018

Notre Dame's offense continued to struggle into the second quarter. The Irish went four straight possessions without points following the opening touchdown.

The Irish offense came alive following Jalen Elliott's first interception. It took just one play for Tony Jones Jr. to score on a 31-yard touchdown run after the turnover.

this is still a game in the 2nd quarter ...even the reliable Yoon is missing field goals...this can't be life #NDInsider#BALLvsND#notredamefootball

— Cocosnapslife (@cdn515) September 8, 2018

Not gonna lie, I regret switching from my gardening show on Netflix #NDInsider

— yvonne (@_bonbonn_) September 8, 2018

O Line is going to cost this team plenty #NDinsider

— Jeremy Vivolo (@mets_jets78) September 8, 2018

Offense is... not great. Unfocused is a good way to describe it #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) September 8, 2018

Tony Jones Jr. avoids a couple Ball State defenders and runs for a 31-yard touchdown. #NotreDame 14, Ball State 3. 8:14 2Q. #NDInsider

— Tyler James (@TJamesNDI) September 8, 2018

Data run

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) September 8, 2018

I’ll take an angry-running Tony Jones, Jr. every week. Please and thank you. #NDInsider

— Donald (@Fresno_Domer) September 8, 2018

Why do I continue to follow this program

— yo murphy (@rofeal1) September 8, 2018

So lets see how Book does with the same personnel?? Oh we can't bc Kelly's ego won't allow him to possibly look wrong on the Wimbush only stance he's taken. Not sharp is a compliment btw. #NDInsider

— Robert Nolan (@factor71_rjn) September 8, 2018

Does Wimbush throw into Double Coverage EVERY deep ball? Come On you been playing to long to be doing that STILL!!! #BeBetter#Decisions#GoIrish#NDInsider

— CR33 (@Craigr_33) September 8, 2018

At some point you have to play the kicker who can keep kickoffs in bounds and quarterbacks who can throw a football #NDInsider

— AJG (@AJ_Gelson) September 8, 2018

@BallStateSports has a tackle who gained 27lbs. in 23 days this offseason. Not all heroes wear capes. #GoIrish#BSUvsND#BeatBallState#NDInsider

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) September 8, 2018

Ball State added a field goal to cut Notre Dame's lead to 14-6 going into the half. The Cardinals pressured Wimbush at an alarming rate. Ball State was credited with two sacks and three quarterback hurries in the first half. That's what Michigan's defense registered for the entire game in the season opener.

Irish fans were not pleased.

Brandon Wimbush #NDInsider

— Joel (@VoluntaryJoel41) September 8, 2018

O-line play last four quarters has been lacking somewhat Ty #NDInsider

— Matthew Embury (@MattEmbury) September 8, 2018

Brandon wimbush and the o-line #NDInsider

— imatigerfan (@bdubwatersgolf) September 8, 2018

Woof #NDInsider

— JJH (@jjhiler) September 8, 2018

I’m disappointed in myself for not tempering my enthusiasm for this team; a fair to middling outfit. #NDInsider#sameasiteverwas

— yo murphy (@rofeal1) September 8, 2018

#NDInsider oline has been very disappointing

— Todd Ford (@mtoddford45) September 8, 2018

Brian Kelly themes remain: running game struggle (but for one drive), terrible special teams and playing down to inferior opponent. Also, QB continues to just put passes up for grabs. #NDInsider

— Damian J. Wachter (@DJWachter) September 8, 2018

Entire offensive game plan has been horrible. #RunBrandonRun#NDInsider

— Douglas McAnally (@d_mcanally) September 8, 2018

Offensive line has strugggled #NDInsider

— James J Dillon (@BuildBROINC) September 8, 2018

#NDInsider most disappointing part is the offensive line play. But probably would also include a lack of consistent commitment to running the ball.

— David Kern (@dakern) September 8, 2018

The score. #NDinsider

— Shannon (@ShannonND88) September 8, 2018

What hasn’t been disappointing...QB trying to be something he’s not (let him take off a few times - he’s not a pocket passer). O-Line looks like they are all rookies. DB’s play soft coverage too much. #NDInsider

— Travis Cromley (@AF_Cromley) September 8, 2018

#ndinsider Kelly is turning basic math into trigonometry if you’re not going to let Wimbush run then play Book

— Rickey Lindsey (@fc6953) September 8, 2018

If Quenton Nelson was on the team, would that kid who took the shot at Wimbush after the INT currently be alive? OLine needs to get mean #NDInsider

— Pat Haughney (@PatHaughney) September 8, 2018

Why don’t they call some bootlegs for Wimbush? #NDInsider

— ☘ (@ndfbHQ) September 8, 2018

Offensive line looks slow, especially Kramer. Speed rush still seems to be driving OTs nuts #NDInsider

— Carl Sanchez (@calsan22) September 8, 2018

#NDInsider No runs by Wimbush takes away a major part of ND’s offense.

— Jim MacDonald (@_jimmacdonald) September 8, 2018

#NDInsider Most disappointing: play of the offensive line.

— Jack H (@nabatean92) September 8, 2018

#NDInsider... the Irish offense looks hungover from the Michigan game. Flat and lethargic! Let’s GO IRISH!!!

— Mark Schwing (@Schwingin) September 8, 2018

This has been an ugly, blah first half. Mainly because of Brandon Wimbush’s play - which, to me, has been the most disappointing part. #NDInsider

— John Groth (@jgroth13) September 8, 2018

O line not dominant

Open receivers missed#NDInsider

— Mike Skinner (@MikeMskins1) September 8, 2018

With a chance to wipe away the struggles of the first half, Notre Dame's offense did little to ease concerns. The Irish scored on their first drive of the half with a one-yard touchdown run from Jones.

But the inconsistencies persisted. Quarterback Brandon Wimbush threw two second-half interceptions and the pressure from Ball State kept coming.

#NDInsider O-Line delivering an extremely disappointing performance today.

— artie_rx (@artie_rx) September 8, 2018

Our offensive line needs an academic dishonesty suspension or something ASAP. Good god it’s ball state! #NDInsider

— AJG (@AJ_Gelson) September 8, 2018

Ask Kelly if he tells Wimbush not to throw the ball away when he’s in trouble. #NDInsider

— ☘ (@ndfbHQ) September 8, 2018

What is Wimbush doing? This is so embarrassing #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) September 8, 2018


Asking in all seriousness, does Brandon Wimbush have any clue on how to play QB??

He can't read pre snap defenses, make audibles to counter pre snap shifts, read post snap defenses, throw balls away when nothing is open, avoid TOs, etc. #BALLvsND#NotreDame

— Robert Nolan (@factor71_rjn) September 8, 2018

Ball State scored 10 points in the fourth quarter to pull the game within one possession at 24-16. The Irish needed Drue Tranquill to recover an onside kick with 1:30 remaining to put away the game. Notre Dame moved to 2-0, but Saturday's performance brought more questions than answers.

A win is a win! #NDInsider

— Bodie (@bodie0809) September 8, 2018

They deserved to lose #NDInsider

— Marty Galindo (@MartyGalindo1) September 8, 2018

#NDinsider Terrible omen of a 7-5 season. Very disappointing!

— Douglas Nimtz (@figneutron) September 8, 2018

Yikes. That was a disaster. How will we fare against Stanford? #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) September 8, 2018

Piss poor and unacceptable. Mediocrity has been accepted. #NDInsider

— PAUL (@Paul_Indy5680) September 8, 2018

Woof. #NDInsider It all starts with the offensive line, they have to be better. So does the QB play, but it starts up front.

— Sean LaFontaine (@LaFontaine12) September 8, 2018

Horrible offensive game plan. #NDinsider

— Mark Hoefling (@MarkHoefling) September 8, 2018

I apologize for being grumpy. But this is a game you put away before half. Look at Bama, O$U and other elite teams. ##NDInsider

— Chad Williams (@tool1934) September 8, 2018

Well guys, @NDFootball that was FUN but I’m getting off the rollercoaster. I’m gonna chill on the side with @TJamesNDI . #NDInsider#lapsedndfan#wastingtime#foolmeonce

— yo murphy (@rofeal1) September 8, 2018

Wimbush has not developed. Guys wide open. No pep anywhere on field. Talent not elite. #NDInsider

— John Quinn (@johnquinn83) September 8, 2018

That was least enjoyable win I remember in a long time #GoIRISH#NDInsider#NotreDame

— Kevin Hastings (@KevinIrishndhas) September 8, 2018


Defense good, not overwhelming but holding it together for win.

O-line really mediocre with some very critical whiffs.

Wimbush is just continuing inconsistency - he seems to need a running play at start of every series to get himself straight.

Boykin is the real deal.

— Jim Janda (@JimJanda52) September 8, 2018

We may have won, but that felt like a loss. Staff down to the players didn't seem interested in this game on the offensive side of the ball. #NDInsider

— JM (@NDJeff06) September 8, 2018

Vandy should be favored. Wimbush is not an elite QB, 3 years and can’t handle Ball St team picked to finish last in the Mac..the MAC. A very good accurate passer just sitting on the bench. It makes no sense. The last pick and then the pick drop should’ve lost the game #NDInsider

— Jon lunardini (@PrimeTimePuma) September 8, 2018

Anyone else feeling down on a Saturday after having their favorite team win? #NDInsider

— The AllFather (@DucktalesDave) September 8, 2018

That was not a good performance by the O. What is the sense of having Book on the sidelines when Brandon is struggling. The experts said it should have been a blow out. #ndinsider

— Brent Hummel (@bhummel1970) September 8, 2018


— William Welker (@elkman1966) September 8, 2018

I guess a win is a win but that was just about the ugliest "Win" ive ever seen Idk what @CoachBrianKelly@WimbushB7 doing tonight It was ugly! A 35 pnt favorite nd barley make it a 1 td game! We should have them beat in the 1st half! Got to play with more Intensity #NDInsider

— Ricky Thomas (@ThomasRicky1983) September 8, 2018

@EHansenNDI it's going to be a fun November. Motor City Bowl here we come. First stringers in the whole game against one of the worst teams in the Mac! Completely embarrassing. #NDInsider

— Domer Dom (@reggiotano) September 8, 2018

— Steve Cunningham (@AnalogWalrus) September 8, 2018

A great coach would make a great switch and realize that Book should be the starter. Wimbush is a phenomenal athlete and should play the WR position, because that's what he will play in the NFL. If anything give him one more week at QB. #NDinsider

— Joe Morrissey (@Joebro2824) September 8, 2018

Good thing they weren't playing Kansas! #NDInsider

— MCS250 (@mmccsegundo) September 8, 2018

One word...UNACCEPTABLE#NDInsider

— Carl Sanchez (@calsan22) September 8, 2018

#NDInsider The O-Line needs a lot of work. The D got ran over on the ground. Wimbush watched Goulson for too long and doesn’t know how to throw the ball away. As already said this is a game a good coach has bench playing in middle of 3rd quarter!

— Mick Rauch (@mrauch3389) September 9, 2018

— The AllFather (@DucktalesDave) September 9, 2018

#NDInsider how can our OL not be able to block Ball State. Most disappointing part of the game.

— Russ Wyborski (@rjwirish) September 9, 2018

Phil Jurkovec. #NDInsider

— Joel (@VoluntaryJoel41) September 9, 2018

Win is always of value but Shaky QB play; solid but not spectacular OL play; and so-so special teams need real work going forward. #NDInsider

— Patrick McMahon (@pkmcmahon89) September 9, 2018

It was rough, there is no sugar coating it. Winbush was... off. Which is strange saying, since he had 300 yards through the air.#NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) September 9, 2018

Looks like ND will get to play on Yankee Stadium twice this season. #PinstripeBowl#NDInsider

— Ryan (@irishdodger) September 9, 2018

Notre Dame fans watch an NCAA college football game between Notre Dame and Ball State in South Bend, Ind., Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018.