#NDInsider Twitter Chatter: Notre Dame-Northwestern


Tyler James
South Bend Tribune

Twitter can be a fun (or depressing) and brutally honest (or unreasonable) place during Notre Dame football games. That's why we open up this space for the #NDInsider Twitter Chatter following games.

During the game, readers are encouraged to send their thoughts and observations with the #NDInsider hashtag to be considered for our postgame fan recap. They joined us with their 280-character takes during the game.

We started with score predictions once again and yours truly ended up being pretty close at the end. But before all those points were scored, Notre Dame started off on the wrong foot.

Just like the Irish did on their first drive against Navy, the offense turned the ball over on a fumble. This time, a botched hand-off between Ian Book and Dexter Williams was recovered by Northwestern.

As always, we'll start with final score predictions. I'm taking #NotreDame 31, Northwestern 20. What say you? Send it with the #NDInsider hashtag.

— Tyler James (@TJamesNDI) November 3, 2018

#NDInsider this will be a unique playing environment for ND playing on Evanston High School Field.

— Zap Rowsdower (@TheTripeCo) November 3, 2018

You are not supposed to do that... fumbles are bad. #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) November 3, 2018

Loving the new strategy of fumbling on the opening drive

— AM (@NDIrish0824) November 3, 2018

nooooooo Notre Dame...let's not make our signature a turnover on the first possession of games...that's not it #NDInsider#NDvsNU

— Cocosnapslife (@cdn515) November 3, 2018

Notre Dame eventually took a 7-0 lead with a one-yard touchdown run by Williams. The next promising drive fell apart in the red zone.

After a first-and-goal at the five-yard line, the Irish moved backward thanks to a false start by offensive tackle Robert Hainsey and an offensive pass interference on wide receiver Miles Boykin. The negative yardage resulted in a missed 44-yard field goal by Justin Yoon.

Notre Dame ended the quarter with a 7-0 lead, but some Irish fans weren't pleased with the way the game was being officiated. 

#NDInsider the refs... they have been awful.

— Notre Dame Recruiting (@NDrecruiting01) November 4, 2018

A lot of yards with little to show for it; and no dominant running game yet #NDInsider

— Joydeep (@Joydeep2000) November 4, 2018

penalties #ndinsider

— Trick Ross (@Cobb785) November 4, 2018

Idk about these officials. Taking all the sting out of this game. So stop start . Questionable offensive PI call. #NDInsider#NDvsNU

— Nick Gonzalez (@nickg1421) November 4, 2018

#NDInsider Mistakes, look what penalties did to Irish in the red zone.

— John Heizelman (@jheizelm) November 4, 2018

Penalties #NDInsider

— Andrew Carter (@thaacarter) November 4, 2018

#NDInsider prep and intensity?

— David k powers (@dken_k) November 4, 2018

Northwestern tied up the game with an 18-play, 73-yard touchdown drive capped by a one-yard, Clayton Thorson quarterback sneak.

The Notre Dame offense continued to sputter with only one first down gained in two drives in the second quarter.

I am concerned that our run game does not seem to be able to assert itself. I am also worried about the way Northwestern is converting tough third downs. #NDInsider

— David Stephens (@davestephens33) November 4, 2018

How long is the contract with the ACC for? There is no way ND will reup with the disparity in which ACC officials call the game #NDInsider

— Zachary R. Robinson (@Zach_Rob) November 4, 2018

Officials pumped this is a prime time game. Making sure they get alllll the camera time. Horrible ‍♂️ #NDInsider

— Nick Gonzalez (@nickg1421) November 4, 2018

— jujubea (@JulieHayen) November 4, 2018

Chip Long can stop these useless runs up the gut anytime now. #GoIrish#BeatWildcats#NDvsNU#NDInsider

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) November 4, 2018

#NDInsider BK abandons run

— Mike Harte (@mfharte) November 4, 2018

I hope Brian Kelly has some great halftime speech planned because this is scary. #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) November 4, 2018

What a terribly unprepared, unmotivated, undisciplined effort by Notre Dame so far. This is why people want 1 loss teams ahead of them in the playoff rankings. #NDinsider

— AJG (@AJ_Gelson) November 4, 2018

I got called out a little on the podcast when I brought it up, OL has talent, the coaching of them is highly suspect. #NDInsider

— Phil Rister (@ND_Phil) November 4, 2018

A 7-7 tie on the road at halftime left plenty of Notre Dame fans nervous about the second half.

Pat Fitzgerald #NDInsider

— AJG (@AJ_Gelson) November 4, 2018

@TJamesNDI halftime thoughts. Irish haven’t gotten off the bus yet. NW trying to Navy is and eat up the clock and pray for a win. ND needs to be efficient on their drives and get something out of it. #NDInsider

— Nick Gonzalez (@nickg1421) November 4, 2018

O-Line needs to be more physical. Move the line of scrimmage!#NDInsider

— Ed Johnson (@hockeypimp17) November 4, 2018

— Eric Guenette (@irish557) November 4, 2018

If the Irish offensive coaching staff is willing, TE play could be a difference maker. Cole Kmet has had a game so far. #NDInsider

— Shannon Fay Kamenick (@IrishShanRocks) November 4, 2018

Scoring will be a premium. If Northwestern continues controlling clock, ND will have few possessions in 2nd half. #NDInsider

— Greg Ritter (@ccsaints71) November 4, 2018

Not sure about the second half. But this a stark reminder that the calendar has turned to November. This, unfortunately, looked like a November Notre Dame team in the first half. #NDInsider

— IrishFaninMD (@IrishFanInMD) November 4, 2018

This is by far the most nervous I've been so year. I feel like our hopes and dreams are slipping away

Need a big play from the defense to spark this team

— Jim Nies (@BigJimSports) November 4, 2018

No matter the outcome in the 2nd half, ND cannot play with Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Georgia, and probably the current Michigan team #NDInsider

— Russ Wyborski (@rjwirish) November 4, 2018

This isn't a team that could play with Bama rn #NDInsider

— Th3Bill (@Th3Bill) November 4, 2018

Lack of a running game. #NDInsider

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) November 4, 2018

#NDInsider is the offense making any noise? Any imagination? Are they sleepwalking??

— David k powers (@dken_k) November 4, 2018

The Irish finally looked like themselves in the third quarter. Notre Dame's offense put together a pair of touchdown drives with Book throwing passes to wide receivers Miles Boykin and Michael Young for scores.

Young's 47-yard catch finished a 98-yard drive with 2:33 left in the third quarter. Notre Dame would take a 21-7 advantage into the fourth quarter with what appeared to be a commanding lead.

Miles and Miles and Miles you go #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) November 4, 2018

What a CATCH!!!!! COME ON BOYS. #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) November 4, 2018

Miles Boykin just doing Miles Boykin things! #GoIrish#BeatWildcats#NDvsNU#NDInsider

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) November 4, 2018

— Nick ND 9-0 (@BigBakeNDFI) November 4, 2018

— Chuck Cushman (@cush_atc) November 4, 2018

— Adam Schlutt (@bigmaac24) November 4, 2018

— thescUMHater (@thescUMHater) November 4, 2018

Northwestern had 73 yards on one drive. They only have about double that for the game. Our defense is good. #NDInsider

— Justin (@therealputnam) November 4, 2018

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) November 4, 2018

The chirping quieted down as Northwestern charged back from a 24-7 deficit in the fourth quarter. Thorson found wide receiver Riley Lees for a 27-yard touchdown pass to cut the lead to 10.

Then on the ensuing Notre Dame possession, the Wildcats blocked a Tyler Newsome punt to set up a five-play, 17-yard touchdown drive. Thorson plunged into the end zone on a fourth-and-goal from the one.

Book and the Irish offense didn't flinch. In 10 plays, Notre Dame pushed its lead back up to 10 points. Book, on third-and-4, kept the ball for an untouched carry around the left side for a 23-yard touchdown.

He faked me out !!! OMG I love Book !!! #NDInsider

— Michael L Murphy (@smurphdogg29) November 4, 2018


— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) November 4, 2018


— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) November 4, 2018

What a play call by Chip Long and what a keep by Ian Book! #NDInsider

— Matt Lozar (@matt_lozar) November 4, 2018

Ian Book taking it to #Northwestern with the tuddy!!!!

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) November 4, 2018

Notre Dame's defense handled the rest. The Wildcats wouldn't score again in the final 2:45. The Irish held on for a 31-21 victory to keep their undefeated season intact.

Brian Kelly what a coach #NDInsider

— Brian Kelly Fan Club (@CoachKellyFans) November 4, 2018

9-0. ✌ Northwestern

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) November 4, 2018

Covered. #NDInsider

— Ryan (@GoldenDomeMay) November 4, 2018

More touches for Armstrong #NDInsider

— Jeff Shubert (@jmshubert) November 4, 2018

The narrative tomorrow will be #NotreDame struggled to win. What’ll get lost is how they pulled out a double digit win, on the road without playing anywhere near their best. #Onward#NDInsider#GoIrish#BeatNoles#TakeCareOfBusiness

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) November 4, 2018

whew watching the end of the bama vs lsu game just got a lot more fun and relaxing lol #GoIrish...way to pull out this win...onward #NDInsider#NDvsNU

— Cocosnapslife (@cdn515) November 4, 2018

We are lucky to have Ian and Miles. #NDInsider

— Phil Rister (@ND_Phil) November 4, 2018

Hello Darkness my old friend

- ND Special Teams #NDInsider

— that Matt (@mattymane) November 4, 2018

Loaded box all game and Ian took what he was given. Special teams mistakes and penalties made it closer thanit should have been. #NDInsider

— njeckert (@njeckert) November 4, 2018

Special teams and run defense #NDInsider

— AchillesL (@IcemanLira) November 4, 2018

#NDInsider Brian Van Polian needs to be replaced ASAP. He was terrible his first time around. Worse now. Please pass that wisdom on to Coach Kelly.

— TheFlood (@TheFlood18) November 4, 2018

Life-long ND fan but I just have a feeling Clemson or Bama would boat race ND. Narrow gap between 1&2 but big spread from 2 down. #NDInsider

— PAUL (@Paul_Indy5680) November 4, 2018

A win is a win, but Irish afraid to close the door on a team. #NDInsider

— Shane Wagoner (@shawags) November 4, 2018

Fans wait for high fives after the Notre Dame-Northwestern game Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018 at Ryan Field in Evanston, Illinois.