Pod of Gold: Taking a closer look at Clemson with Anna Hickey


ND Insider Staff
ND Insider

We’re inching closer to Notre Dame’s College Football Playoff semifinal matchup with Clemson next Saturday, so it’s time to start focusing on the Tigers. That’s why Tyler James and Eric Hansen invited on an expert on this week’s podcast. 

Anna Hickey, the lead reporter for Clemson 247, has been covering the Tigers for two years after covering Irish recruiting for three years before that, so she’s plenty familiar with both programs. 

Anna, Tyler and Eric offer predictions for the Notre Dame-Clemson game in the "Place Your Bets" segment (24:45).

Then Carter Karels joins the show to recap Notre Dame's 2019 recruiting class (32:26).

Finally, Tyler and Eric answer questions from Twitter (49:44).

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