After four decades, John Heisler moves on from Notre Dame

Bill Moor
South Bend Tribune Columnist

John Heisler never ran for a touchdown at Notre Dame … or led a fast break … or scored any kind of goal.

He has always been more of a Mr. Rogers than a Mr. America anyway.

Yet over the last 40 years, John may have done more in promoting, polishing and protecting Notre Dame’s legend and lore than anyone else.

He started out as the assistant sports information director — after a year in that role at Missouri, his alma mater — and eventually became the senior associate athletic director. He was the go-to guy for journalists from all over the country who put South Bend in their datelines and John on their speed dial.

Often he was the quiet but steadying voice when the sports world got a little crazy under the Golden Dome. He made and kept friends for the university and had few (if any) foes.

Yet as of Jan. 1, his talents — along with his class — are no longer a part of Notre Dame athletics. Short of retirement age, he is now looking for another job.

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John Heisler