#NDInsider Twitter Chatter: Notre Dame-Clemson


Tyler James
South Bend Tribune

Twitter can be a fun (or depressing) and brutally honest (or unreasonable) place during Notre Dame football games. That's why we open up this space for the #NDInsider Twitter Chatter following games.

During the game, readers are encouraged to send their thoughts and observations with the #NDInsider hashtag to be considered for our postgame fan recap. They joined us with their 280-character takes during the game.

Irish fans on Twitter were a mix of confident and nervous before the College Football Playoff semifinal against Clemson.

As always, let's start with score predictions. I won't be suprised if the Irish win, but I'm not confident enough in a victory. I'll take Clemson 38, #NotreDame 34. What say you? #NDInsider

— Tyler James (@TJamesNDI) December 29, 2018

I hope the Irish come out and make everyone sorry they were labeled the underdog. COME ON BOYS!!!! #NDInsider#GoIrish

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) December 29, 2018

Nd 42

clemSARM 17 #NDinsider

— Vito (@VitoSpata4ND) December 29, 2018

Notre Dame by one. #NDInsider

— Fr. Dan Parrish, CSC (@dparrishcsc) December 29, 2018

Irish - 31

Clemson - 27#NDinsider

— JJH (@jjhiler) December 29, 2018

Mood prior to kickoff.....#GoIrish⁠ ⁠ #BeatTigers#CFBPlayoff⁠ ⁠

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) December 29, 2018

I can't, so nervous. #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) December 29, 2018

An eventful first quarter ended in a 3-3 tie. A fumble by ND quarterback Ian Book led to Clemson's first scoring drive, which resulted in a 40-yard field goal. Notre Dame responded on the ensuing drive with a 28-yard field goal of its own.

The Irish appeared to catch a big wave of momentum when Clemson fumbled a kick return, but replay overturned the call and allowed the Tigers to retain possession. Both teams were getting by with mistakes and hanging on with good defensive play.

@TJamesNDI crowd is electric on ND side. Far more enthusiastic than your normal ND home game #ndinsider

— Pat, from Texas (@elbigpadre) December 29, 2018

Tranquil and Gilman are like two rabid dogs out for a kill today. I love it!!!

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) December 29, 2018

Our defense is looking good so far...they came to play...keep it up fellas #NDInsider#GOIRISH#NDvsCLEM

— Cocosnapslife (@cdn515) December 29, 2018

#NDInsider Notre Dame was down talked all these weeks. And despite mistakes (fumbles and missed catch) they’re hanging with Clemson

— Jason Pruitt (@Jason_Pruitt_) December 29, 2018

We can play with them, have to be disciplined and stop the mistakes #NDInsider

— The Jackal (@FreaQ_of_Nature) December 29, 2018

#NDInsider Irish momentum mashed with potato cam replay.

— Chris Wilkinson (@SportsWilk) December 29, 2018

Only tied because of help of refs #NDInsider

— Shawn Murnen (@Murnasty7019) December 29, 2018

After 1, teams still figuring it out. Gotta get going here and play our brand of ball. #NDInsider

— Nick Gonzalez (@nickg1421) December 29, 2018

Ian Book fumble was costly but could have hurt much worse. The defense is making Trevor Lawerence uncomfortable and all 11 players are playing well together. Offensive line is holding up fine against Clemson defensive line. Not the worst of starts. #NDInsider#GoIrish

— Kyle Kelly (@ByKyleKelly) December 29, 2018

Officials aren’t officiating.

— Mary Jane Daum (@MaryJaneDaum) December 29, 2018

The longer this game stays close, the more it favors ND. #NDInsider

— John Andre (@The_John_Andre) December 29, 2018

Everything spiraled out of control for Notre Dame in the second quarter. With cornerback Julian Love mysteriously sidelined, Clemson eventually caught on and started testing his replacement, Donte Vaughn.

Clemson wide receiver Justyn Ross beat Vaughn for the first touchdown of the game, a 52-yard reception with 12:50 left in the second quarter. Ross would score again late in the second quarter, this time beating safety Alohi Gilman for a 42-yard touchdown catch with 1:44 left in the half.

Yet somehow that wasn't Clemson's last touchdown. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw his third touchdown pass of the half with just two seconds remaining on the clock. He found wide receiver Tee Higgins in the end zone with Vaughn in coverage. Vaughn tipped the pass, but Higgins still managed to pull off the circus catch. 

The Tigers took a 23-3 lead while Notre Dame's offense failed to find consistency or momentum.

Hey @Todd_Blackledge & Sean about actually doing YOUR JOB and letting us know why an #AllAmerican CB hasn’t been on the field for two series! Unbelievable! #GoIrish#BeatTigers#CFBPlayoff#NDvsClem#NDInsider

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) December 29, 2018

No status on Love #NDInsider

— Nick Gonzalez (@nickg1421) December 29, 2018


— Cocosnapslife (@cdn515) December 29, 2018

#NDInsider worst offensive game plan ever?

— AJG (@AJ_Gelson) December 29, 2018

The defense is keeping the Irish in this game. The offense needs to figure something out quick. Or a turnover... #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) December 29, 2018

Brian Kelly is so scared. Won’t let the offense play it’s game #NDInsider

— The AllFather (@DucktalesDave) December 29, 2018

Play calling is fine, Book just needs to play better #NDInsider

— Zib (@zibby8828) December 29, 2018

Given how the last two minutes of the second quarter played out, there was plenty of doom and gloom from Irish fans at halftime.

The more things change the more they stay the same #NDInsider

— bsaran (@bpsaran) December 29, 2018

We miss @julianlove27 way more than we thought we could smh...Vaughn is just not it...Julian was one of a select few people we couldn't lose #NDInsider#GoIrish#NDvsCLEM

— Cocosnapslife (@cdn515) December 29, 2018

This stinks! #NDInsider

— Andrew B Thatcher (@athatcher1971) December 29, 2018

Top side of the defense getting picked on with no answers. Offensively can not sustain drives. Disaster. #NDInsider

— Brett Jennings (@BJenningsEdTech) December 29, 2018

— Chad Williams (@tool1934) December 29, 2018

Why do I even?

— yo murphy (@rofeal1) December 29, 2018

A suck fest #NDInsider

— Aishly Corrigan (@AishlyC) December 29, 2018

The bad play call of the double reverse pass down only 6 shows we don't think we can beat then straight up. Make the easy throws and catches and we were fine, but we couldn't do that so we tried to trick them. Bad play call. #NDInsider

— JM (@NDJeff06) December 29, 2018

Moment to big again #NDInsider

— Michael L Murphy (@smurphdogg29) December 29, 2018

Déjà vu all over again

— Jason Rideout (@fuzzbucket43) December 29, 2018

Whose fake girlfriend can we blame this time? #NDInsider

— Matt Schmidt (@MatchMidt) December 29, 2018

— ND1990 (@remos90_nd1990) December 29, 2018

We are slow and playing with no emotion. Their playmakers are making big plays and ours are not. This isn’t the team I watched all year. #NDInsider#GoIrish#CottonBowl

— Mary Jane Daum (@MaryJaneDaum) December 29, 2018

Disaster all the way around. The half was full of poor play from key players and poor offensive play calls. #NDinsider

— Joe Dunn (@joedunndc) December 29, 2018

At least I won’t have to stay up until 12:30am on January 7 #NDInsider

— Jeff Shubert (@jmshubert) December 29, 2018

2 calls away from a 9-3 ball game. #NDInsider

— Nick Bartlett (@NickBartlett418) December 29, 2018

@TJamesND #NDInsider need to blitz more on D. Offense needs to be more imaginative. Can’t run up the middle. Quick pitches. Quick misdirection. QB needs to play ball. Receivers need to catch.

— MJR (@mjr1900_rl) December 29, 2018

Talent and speed gap. Not sure this game is doing the expand the playoffs to 8 any good. Clemson and Bama head and shoulders above everyone else. #ndinsider

— Ed Coghlan (@EdCoghlan) December 29, 2018

#NDInsider#historynote the Irish were down 20-12 at the half in the 1979

— Andrew Barlow (@barlandrew) December 29, 2018

@NDFootball is in over their head ☹️#NDInsider

— Patrick N Florida ⛱ (@PatrickNFlorid1) December 29, 2018

#NDInsider D played well until last series. O terrible. Book has no composure, “happy feet”. Nobody stepped up and made a big play for ND.

— Mike Skinner (@MikeMskins1) December 29, 2018

My friend wore an ND shirt for the first time all szn we told her to take it off she is bad luck #takeitoff#ndinsider

— yvonne (@yvonne_is_on) December 29, 2018

Little changed in the third quarter. Notre Dame's defense was hanging tough until running back Travis Etienne ripped a 62-yard touchdown run on third-and-1. The only thing that interrupted Notre Dame's punting streak on offense was an interception thrown by Book in Clemson territory.

The game was getting hard to watch for Irish fans.

Watching the Sabres game #NDInsider ☘️

— Nicole Becker (@Crazy4OReilly90) December 30, 2018

Whiskey in one hand and beer in the other. #NDInsider

— Matt (@theMattyPenny) December 30, 2018

Dreaming next September! Good regular season the blitz by Clemson was too much for the offense this week. #NDInsider

— (@LDickman16) December 30, 2018

Gave my wife the remote, now watching the Food Network #NDInsider

— Tim Lory (@tim_lory) December 30, 2018

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) December 30, 2018

Slamming beers and forget about it #ndinsider

— bjenks (@brianj328) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider watching the bruins

— Alex Szabo (@AlexSzabo23) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider watching Game of Thrones, as of Etienne TD.

— Last Of A Dyin Breed (@Mr1FocusedGuy) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider debating whether or not I am off the Brian Kelly bandwagon. This team just does not show up in big games under him and I cannot figure out why. You can blame it on execution but after 10 years, that's on the coach.

— Soap (@KeyserSozeSays) December 30, 2018

Turned it off after halftime to play PlayStation. Looking like that was a good decision. #NDInsider

— Patrick Darlington (@PatDarlington) December 30, 2018

I'll be watching anything but this game. Hopefully there's a golden girls marathon. #NDInsider

— @jacksnj (@JacksnJ) December 30, 2018

Realizing that I will never experience the thrill of a playoff victory as a college football fan...or an NFL fan...or probably an MLB fan for that matter #NDInsider

— bsaran (@bpsaran) December 30, 2018

Counting the number of punts when down big to put myself to sleep... #NDInsider

— Mark Marriott (@MarkAMarriott) December 30, 2018

Wondering if my “eye test” is biased. Clemson doesn’t look athletically superior to ND. But it does seem ND makes too many mistakes in Big Games. #NDinsider

— (@lll1ll1llll) December 30, 2018

Killing the pain.

— Tammy Lively (@tammylively) December 30, 2018


— Nick ND 12-1 (@BigBakeNDFI) December 30, 2018

Drinking...HEAVILY #NDInsider

— Matthew Confer (@MattConfer1) December 30, 2018

It’s so painful that we still have a full quarter to go. Make it stop. #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) December 30, 2018

Drinking. #NDInsider

— Claire Marie (@cmkbda) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider in bewilderment.

— Greg Ritter (@ccsaints71) December 30, 2018

Turned it off long b4 this. Catching up on other things. #NDInsider

— PAUL (@Paul_Indy5680) December 30, 2018

What I should be doing: signing off the internet and going home.

What I am doing: getting triggered online by all the terrible ND takes.

Today’s a tough day to stand up for ND schedule, conference affiliation, BK, etc.. #NDInsider

— Dan (@irishbadger18) December 30, 2018

#NDinsider looking forward to next year. Dreaming of defensive depth, a returning offensive line. And a QB competition thru spring and fall camp.

— Dave Simono (@dsimono66) December 30, 2018

Drinking heavily #NDInsider

— Tom C (@tcatND91) December 30, 2018

Drinking heavily #NDinsider

— Scott Dunn (@Domer3001) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider Hoping the Dallas Cowboys get Trevor Lawrence!

— Dr. Jake LeBlanc (@Dr_JakeLeBlanc) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider taking down my Christmas tree while drinking beer. Happy we made it this far, knew we would have a tough time with them but still proud to be an Irish fan. (And happy that Michigan & Purdue lost!)

— Donna Yoder (@DonnaLY7) December 30, 2018

Watching until the end. A bad game. A great season. I’m all in next year. #NDInsider

— Greg Butler (@coachb31ww) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider ☘️

— Cal (@Durden_SoapCo) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider watching Frozen for the 1000th time and eating Chic-Fil-A with my 2 year old daughter. At least I’m winning tonight.

— Phil Rister (@ND_Phil) December 30, 2018

Watching FIS Alpine Skiing Men’s Super-G from Bormio, Italy #NDInsider

— Damian J. Wachter (@DJWachter) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider being heckled by Clemson fans on my @SouthwestAir flight.

— James Sherer (@jameswshererjr) December 30, 2018

@TJamesNDI what’s better: 3 close losses, 2 reasonable losses, or 1 blowout on a national stage? #ndinsider

— Pat, from Texas (@elbigpadre) December 30, 2018

It’s clear. As presently constructed, ND cannot compete at the highest level. Are they willing to do what it takes to do so? I suspect the answer is no. The administration is perfectly happy with the product they have. Fans, adjust ur expectations accordingly. #NDInsider

— yo murphy (@rofeal1) December 30, 2018


— Bob Carroll (@BCarroll3) December 30, 2018

Finding the nearest Whatta-Burger! #NDInsider

— Nick Bartlett (@NickBartlett418) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider Crying into my Spotted Cow

— Maxwell Ujdak (@Moodak) December 30, 2018

#NDinsider 4th quarter..

— Tom McCracken (@tmccirish) December 30, 2018

Notre Dame's offense couldn't find the end zone even in garbage time. The Irish failed to score a touchdown and were held scoreless in the final 49 minutes.

Notre Dame fans were left wounded after another ugly loss on the big stage. They didn't know yet that Alabama would receive a similar beat down from Clemson more than a week later in the national championship game. But 30-3 wasn't pretty under any lens.

Is this as good as it can get in the modern era? #NDinsider

— Corey Rhodes (@coreym_rhodes) December 30, 2018

@TJamesNDI “that’s what happens when you practice with soccer balls on the field.” - my dad #NDInsider

— Dick Barone, CEO (@DickBaroneCEO) December 30, 2018

Who should ND look at as a new coach? Brian Kelly has proven time and time again he can’t win the big game. #NDInsider

— Bryan Ayala (@Coach3_us) December 30, 2018

Stealing a quote from Dabo. There is Bama, Clemson and then ROY. I guess we need to be content with being in the ROY club. #NDInsider#RestOfYall

— Go Irish! (@ND_AUSTIN) December 30, 2018

Fire Kelly #ndinsider

— Pat, from Texas (@elbigpadre) December 30, 2018

Proved all the haters right #NDInsider

— Patrick N Florida ⛱ (@PatrickNFlorid1) December 30, 2018

#NDinsider Really bad taste in my mouth that will last for a long time. Horrible way to go into the offseason. Unfortunately, this game demonstrates how far away we still are. Same old song, again

— John Dillon (@Dillz127) December 30, 2018

It’s clear that ND cannot compete with the best. Do they want to? I don’t believe they do. ND fan adjust ur expectations accordingly. #NDinsider

— yo murphy (@rofeal1) December 30, 2018

That really sucked. #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider In the end...crappy game...

Great season... Program really getting stronger.

— John (@Racer05X) December 30, 2018

Key players missed run of the mill plays and that conditioned the game. Fumbles and drops will get you killed vs any team, above all elite teams. There's a lot to be happy and hopeful about this team, but this one hurt badly. OL got destroyed. #NDInsider#GoIrish

— Carlos (@casalasv) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider Feels like all for naught after 12-0. Big, big gulf between ND and college football elite. Shows up every time. Feel for the team though. Still proud of them.

— Bob Carroll (@BCarroll3) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider It's not how you start, but how you finish. 12-0 may be considered a great accomplishment, but it's all for not when you can't win when it really counts.

— Greg Ritter (@ccsaints71) December 30, 2018

Book is a great kid, but he is not a big program QB. #NDInsider

— Mike Murphy (@bumurph) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider It was a dumpster fire and BK cannot coach in big games.

— Aishly Corrigan (@AishlyC) December 30, 2018

— Eric Bayer (@bayeres) December 30, 2018

Praise thee, @NotreDame.

— ‍⚖️Elizabeth Ann (@LivingAndLizing) December 30, 2018

How is the #Irish taken seriously next year? This is a real question I need an answer to. We will be treated like UCF for the next 2 years. #NDinsider#GoIrish

— Kevin Hudson (@NavyVet4ND) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider It’s going to be a busy month at work anyway. No time to focus on the next game #itsOK ❤️☘️

— C A R I H O R N I N G (@SmithCari) December 30, 2018

The game was too big for ND and especially Ian Book. His fumble at midfield illuminated that fact. #NDInsider

— Chris Provenzano (@ChrisProvenzano) December 30, 2018

They’re just not “elite” yet. Continue to get boat-raced in big games like this. Book was way too quick to tuck and run. Missed several open receivers. #NDInsider#NDfootball

— John Chiumento (@DextersServant) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider It was WORSE LIVE! Great tickets, game! O-6 in Big 6 games! OUCH!!! I’m sick, after such an AWESOME 12-0 teaser! Can Kelly win a BIG Game?

— Dr. Jake LeBlanc (@Dr_JakeLeBlanc) December 30, 2018

#NDInsider the offensive line was destroyed... ND always recruits OL well but they were humiliated.

— Thomas Gardner (@gardnertj) December 30, 2018

At least Notre Dame brought a defense for the first 20 minutes of their game. #NDInsider#CFBPlayoff#CollegeFootballPlayoff

— (@LDickman16) December 30, 2018

Can espn stop labeling a guy who got caught doping as an amazing team leader? #ndinsider

— Vito (@VitoSpata4ND) December 30, 2018

Bill Lemmonier was our undoing. #NDInsider

— Tommy Baldwin (@T_Baldwin53) December 30, 2018

Alright ND nation, you were thinking it and so I shall ask. Is Kelly fired after his 2nd national embarrassment in 6 years + his failure to deliver us a championship? #CottonBowl#NDvsCLEM#NDInsider#GoIrish#NotreDame#IrishWearGreen

— Kimberly Roland (@therealkro) December 30, 2018

Notre Dame fans react during Notre Dame's 30-3 Cotton Bowl loss to Clemson in the College Football Playoff semifinal at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.