Pod of Gold: Greer Martini on his AAF experience and playing linebacker for Clark Lea


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The end of spring football is on the horizon with Notre Dame's Blue-Gold Game nearly a week away on Saturday, April 13. But there's still plenty to learn about the Irish.

The linebacker competition has continued to provide intrigue into the final weeks. That's why Tyler James and Eric Hansen invited former Notre Dame linebacker Greer Martini on this week's podcast to offer more insight.

On the show, Martini discussed his first year as a professional football player with stints on the NFL's Green Bay Packers and the AAF's Salt Lake Stallions, how he learned the AAF was shutting down this past week, how Notre Dame can sort through its linebacker carousel this offseason, the challenges those linebackers are facing and more (:40).

Then Tyler and Eric made some predictions on how the linebacker group will fare in 2019 during the "Place Your Bets" segment (15:32) and weighed in on linebacker Jack Lamb's future during the "Flavor of the Week" segment (20:42).

Later, Tyler and Eric answered questions from Twitter (23:57).

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