Pod of Gold: Julian Love on being drafted by Giants, end of his Notre Dame career

ND Insider Staff
ND Insider

The football drought is officially upon us with the NFL Draft being the last significant event on the calendar until preseason camp starts in August.

But Tyler James and Eric Hansen still have plenty to discuss about last week’s draft after six former Notre Dame players were selected. What better way to start the discussion than to have one of those draft picks on the podcast.

Cornerback Julian Love, who was selected Saturday by the New York Giants in the fourth round, joined the show to discuss his draft experience, what it was like waiting until Saturday to be picked, his NFL motivations, the challenge of playing nickelback, his head injury in the Clemson game and more (:40).

Then Tyler and Eric made some predictions for the NFL careers of all six Notre Dame draft picks during the "Place Your Bets" segment (20:34).

Later, Tyler and Eric answered questions from Twitter (28:50).

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