#NDInsider Twitter Chatter: Notre Dame-USC

Tyler James
South Bend Tribune

Twitter can be a fun (or depressing) and brutally honest (or unreasonable) place during Notre Dame football games. That's why we open up this space for the #NDInsider Twitter Chatter following games.

During the game, readers are encouraged to send their thoughts and observations with the #NDInsider hashtag to be considered for our postgame fan recap. They joined us with their 280-character takes during the game.

Notre Dame didn't come out firing against USC. The slow start made some Irish fans restless.

always feel nervous before our first score...I need one before this quarter ends so I can calm down #NDInsider#GOIRISH#USCvsND

— Cocosl (@cdn515) October 13, 2019

Book has to be better, plain and simple. #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) October 13, 2019

The offense

— Chino (@D_RadioGuy) October 13, 2019

Tackling is absolutely atrocious tonight. #NDInsider#GoIrish#BeatSC

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) October 13, 2019

USC led 3-0 after the first quarter. The teams combined for five punts and USC kicker Chase McGrath provided the first points of the game with a 40-yard field goal.

— Patrick Darlington (@PatDarlington) October 13, 2019

Offensive line REALLY needs to step their game up.

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) October 13, 2019

Is there a lot other team more bipolar than ND has been over the last couple years? #NDInsider

— The AllFather (@DucktalesDave) October 13, 2019

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results."#NDINSIDER

— Notre Blaine (@NotreBlaine) October 13, 2019

— Greg Ritter (@ccsaints71) October 13, 2019

Not liking the gameplan on either side of the ball thus far #NDInsider

— Aj (@Dre1NdFan) October 13, 2019

We're not a running team. The WR screen doesn't and hasn't worked. We're a passing team, we need more vertical shots. Beat them with the pass and the run will open up. #NDInsider

— Gold Shillelagh (@ShillelaghGold) October 13, 2019

— Cocosl (@cdn515) October 13, 2019

Notre Dame's offense came to life in the second quarter. Tight end Cole Kmet scored on a 10-yard touchdown catch to give the Irish a 7-3 lead. Then wide receiver Braden Lenzy sprinted his way to a 51-yard touchdown run to put Notre Dame up 14-3.

Kmet, he a problem. Touchdown ND #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) October 13, 2019

ohhhhhh so the offense just needed to start in the shadow of an endzone and have to go practically the length of the field ♀️ ♀️ #NDInsider#GOIRISH#USCvsND

— Cocosl (@cdn515) October 13, 2019

Kid stepp would have looked good in our backfield. #NDInsider

— PATRICK J. RONAYNE, PGA (@RonaynePga) October 13, 2019

— Aj (@Dre1NdFan) October 13, 2019

Speed......kills. Braden Lenzy to the house! #BeatSC#GoIrish#NDInsider

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) October 13, 2019

@blspeedy21 that’s what everyone has been waiting to see. #NDInsider

— Jim MacDonald (@_jimmacdonald) October 13, 2019

Lenzy was not going to be denied #NDInsider#GOIRISH#USCvsND

— Cocosl (@cdn515) October 13, 2019

So, I don't know if y'all heard, but Braden Lenzy is faaaaast. #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) October 13, 2019

Notre Dame is bigger and more athletic than Southern Cal. Undergraduate Matt doesn’t believe that can be true. #BeatSC#NDInsider#USCvsND

— Matt Lozar (@matt_lozar) October 13, 2019

Kicker Jonathan Doerer added a 45-yard field goal with 15 seconds left in the second quarter to push Notre Dame's lead to 17-3 at halftime.

I didn’t expect the offensive line and TJJ to be able to gash their defensive front in the run game like they have. Credit there. Clark Lea masterful as always. Doerer with the boot. 2Q was everything the 1Q wasn’t. #NDInsider

— Tommy Baldwin (@T_Baldwin53) October 13, 2019

Second half adjustment: Jafar Armstrong! Where is he? #NDInsider

— DOC (@DOCarroll1) October 13, 2019

I’d like to see various RB looks with some more speed! #NDinsider

— Kevin Hudson (@NavyVet4ND) October 13, 2019

#NDinsider run more, book has happy feet still

— Blake_50 (@Blake_50_Lott) October 13, 2019

I like the fight in the Fightin’ Irish at the end of the half. Now run it down their throat the rest of the way, boys!! #USCvsND#NDInsider#FUSC

— Jason Rideout (@fuzzbucket43) October 13, 2019

@NDonNBC where is the sky cam could have used it for the fight #NDInsider

— Dick Barone, CEO (@DickBaroneCEO) October 13, 2019

Book needs to throw the ball away when there’s nothing available #NDInsider

— Sean Gallagher (@98Irish) October 13, 2019

Where is my green out? #NDInsider

— Jeff (@jeffNDfan) October 13, 2019

Stop planing Finke and start playing Lenzey more. Get Jafar Armstrong more work in the second half. #NDInsider

— Michael Provost (@michael_provost) October 13, 2019

The defensive plan is frustrating, but effective #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) October 13, 2019

Good adjustments in the second quarter hopefully execute this first drive of the second half and take this one over☘️ #NDInsider

— Aj (@Dre1NdFan) October 13, 2019

ND to hang 30 pts on USC in second half to pay them back for their cheap shots.#NDInsider

— (@LDickman16) October 13, 2019

Doerer extended Notre Dame's lead to 20-3 with a 52-yard field goal early in the third quarter. USC responded with another field goal of its own.

Doerer learned how to kick!

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) October 13, 2019

oh ok I see you got a leg on you #NDInsider#GOIRISH#USCvsND

— Cocosl (@cdn515) October 13, 2019

Can’t believe that...#NDInsider

— AM (@NDIrish0824) October 13, 2019

You know what, I will trade FGs with them all night. Might not be pretty, but I will take it. #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) October 13, 2019

Time to step on the gas, Irish. Need a couple of more scores so we can put this away. #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) October 13, 2019

@TJamesNDI Good decision to give USC confidence...BK playing like he’s up 35! Horrible decisions! #NDInsider

— Chris Dittus (@cadittus48) October 13, 2019

#ndinsider inexplicable 3 runs up the middle and turn it over on downs by Irish let’s USC stay alive and is quickly followed by karmic TD at other end. Why, BK?

— John Brez (@johnbres2) October 13, 2019

USC inched closer with a 38-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown late in the third quarter. Heading into the fourth quarter, Notre Dame still lead 20-13.

Gonna finish em!!! #NDInsider

— John Gauer (@jvgauer) October 13, 2019

Nervous #NDInsider

— Tim Lybarger (@tlybarger19) October 13, 2019

Book is keeping this game closer than it should with his horrible passing. #NDInsider We need to utilize #PhilJurkovec

— Jeremy Belcher (@cakalaky) October 13, 2019

Play calling still sucks! Calling plays to try and not lose this game instead of being aggressive! #NDInsider

— Chris Rassi (@c_rassi) October 13, 2019

Can someone, anyone please show Chip Long where the pass plays are that are more than 5yds! #NDInsider

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) October 13, 2019

@TJamesNDI This play calling is #NDInsider

— Chris Dittus (@cadittus48) October 13, 2019

Another Doerer field goal pushed Notre Dame's lead to 10 early in the fourth quarter, but the Trojans quickly responded with another touchdown drive. This time wide receiver Tyler Vaughns pulled in the five-yard touchdown pass.

With the Irish desperately needing a touchdown, quarterback Ian Book directed a 14-play, 75-yard drive and ended it with an eight-yard touchdown run of his own. With just 3:33 remaining, the Irish led 30-20.

Clark Lea needs to change something. #NDInsider

— Chris Buckley (@Toefer15) October 13, 2019

Wasn’t nervous...but now something has to be figured out ASAP. COME ON BOYS #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) October 13, 2019

@TJamesNDI BK has blown this game...he’s played not to lose and now he’s about to lose. #NDInsider

— Chris Dittus (@cadittus48) October 13, 2019

@TJamesNDI That’s a great play call and @Ian_Book12 just put his stamp on this game! #NDInsider

— Chris Dittus (@cadittus48) October 13, 2019

YASSSSSSSSSSS IRISH!!!! All. Day. Ian deserves that TD on that drive. #NDInsider

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) October 13, 2019

YES IAN...he fought hard that drive...we needed that TD #NDInsider#GOIRISH#USCvsND

— Cocosl (@cdn515) October 13, 2019

Hopefully people get off his back now. I really feel like Long limits him during games with his play calling. #NDInsider

— JM (@NDJeff06) October 13, 2019

That was the drive we needed. 7 mins and a TD #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) October 13, 2019

— Stephanie Winters (@stephie_winters) October 13, 2019

USC running back Markese Stepp kept the Trojan rally alive with a two-yard touchdown run, but the Irish recovered the ensuing onside kick to seal the 30-27 victory.

Whew #ndinsider

— Justin (@therealputnam) October 13, 2019

That’s a win for my team, but it didn’t feel as great as it should. Don’t think we even stopped their offense once in the second half and too many Fgs. Doerer gets my game ball. #ndinsider

— NotreDameGrad Scott (@Dbl_Domer_Scott) October 13, 2019

Brian Kelly is 7-3 against USC. #NDInsider

— Caleb Hanson (@hansoncaleb) October 13, 2019

Take this L @USC_FB...Allllllll the way back to Cali #NDInsider#GOIRISH#USCvsND#BeatUSC

— Cocosl (@cdn515) October 13, 2019

— Andrew Evans (@Evans__25) October 13, 2019

#NDInsider Glad ND won’t make the playoff this year. Still four or five elite players away and Book is a slightly above average QB.

— JMK (@JKreef) October 13, 2019

He wanted to be apart of the hands team! #NDinsider

— JM (@NDJeff06) October 13, 2019

Just keep winning, just keep winning, just keep winning

— Chino (@D_RadioGuy) October 13, 2019

Defensive game plan made the game way too close for me. You think they should've brought more pressure? #ndinsider

— J_V ND Fan (@JohnVarvel) October 13, 2019

ND pushes USC aside. #NDinsider

— IrishJimmy (@IrishJimmy5) October 13, 2019

Notre Dame fans are the worst. That is a young, but talented team with a ton of weapons on offense and a decent offensive line. That’s a solid win. BK is 7-3 against SC. What do you want, Weis and Ty back?? #NDInsider.

— Tommy Baldwin (@T_Baldwin53) October 13, 2019

#NDInsider we’d get destroyed like always in the CFB Playoffs playing like this against a sub-par team

— Josh Boxell (@sportsnut1182) October 13, 2019

Great defense and play calling the first half. The second half, didn’t go so well for the defense. Book played shaky. Tony Jones Jr. ran really well. The best out rushing offense has looked all year.#GoIrish#NDInsider

— Christian Bogen (@c_bogen1989) October 13, 2019

Wasn't at the game, but from tv the crowd looked absolutely on all game. Tony Jones seems to be having a SR yr, and it takes a while for the O and Book to get going, but the line really had it's way today. #NDInsider

— Matt Parrott (@parrott84) October 13, 2019

All we're gonna hear about is how we won this game because of terrible calls. Wish refs would have let USC re-kick, just so everyone shuts up about it. #NDInsider

— Malia (@therewererumors) October 13, 2019

Offensive play calling still has to change! Play calling was very predictive the whole third quarter and most of the 4th. #NDInsider

— Chris Rassi (@c_rassi) October 13, 2019

#NDInsider Riddle me this. How does ND run for 308 yards and only win by 3? Strange.

— Bob Carroll (@BCarroll3) October 13, 2019

“I told 'em to embrace the suck. That it's going to be cold, but it'll be fun when we're running up the score,” - Michael Pittman, Jr.

— Cocosl (@cdn515) October 13, 2019

Will not complain about a win over USC. Doerer should get the game ball. #NDInsider

— Drew Veal (@DrewVeal) October 13, 2019

At no pointing during this game did I think #NotreDame was going to lose. Every time we needed to step up, we did, in all 3 phases. #NDInsider

— BigNDfanDan (@danndfan_dan) October 13, 2019

“iTll bE fUn WHen wErE ruNNiNg uP tHe scOrE” hold this L buddy #ND credit to @bigQ56#ndinsider

— Olivier Daoust (@OliDaoust) October 13, 2019

#NDInsider How about Jonathan Doerer tonight? Kid has really grown in confidence and has strong leg to boot (pun intended).

— Bob Carroll (@BCarroll3) October 13, 2019

#NDInsider It's Jurkovec time!

— $7WorthofHoobastank (@busterbivin) October 13, 2019

Whew! #NDinsider

— William Elliott (@bigeastbill105) October 13, 2019

#NDInsider nice to see the offense bail out the defense

— Adam Hug (@hug_aj) October 13, 2019

#NDInsider thoughts on the 2nd half Off play calling? Run game was gauging SC's defense, the pass game was literal hit and miss, I feel like the change in calling just killed momentum. And I get playing against big plays but was Clark Lee too passive, that 3 man rush got none.

— Gary Veteto (@vetetogary) October 13, 2019

Notre Dame fans wave towels during the the 30-27 Irish victory in Notre Dame Stadium.