Pod of Gold: Dan Wetzel on lessons learned this season and the College Football Playoff

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Vanderbilt wised up and ditched its supposed plan to hire an offensive-minded head coach and hired former player Clark Lea on Monday. Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly was confident Sunday that Lea’s situation wouldn’t be a distraction for the team going into Saturday’s ACC Championship against Clemson.

But because Tyler James and Eric Hansen are easy to distract, they covered both those topics and more in this week's "Pod of Gold." To do so, they were joined by Yahoo Sports national columnist Dan Wetzel.

On the podcast, Wetzel discussed the eventful college football season, what programs and conferences have learned that can be applied moving forward, the outlook for the College Football Playoff, if Ohio State deserves a spot in the playoff, how Notre Dame and Ian Book measure up against the best in the country, Lea's decision to go to Vanderbilt and more.

Then James and Hansen made ACC Championship predictions in Place Your Bets (32:40) before answering questions from Twitter (42:18).

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