Letters: Game day visitors: Notre Dame ushers, emergency staff were 'fantastic'

Letters to the Editor

We attended the Notre Dame-Purdue football game on Sept. 19. We sat in Section 6, Row 51. 

My wife, Linda, passed out in the stands and was attended to by several ushers. The ushers and emergency staff were fantastic. They quickly gave her aid and got her quickly to the emergency aid station. She was treated quickly and released.

The usher in Section 6 helped us to get our car at White Field. My wife could not walk to the shuttle. This usher got the police to transport us to our car.

We are indeed appreciative of this usher and the police. My wife is 69 and I am 73, so we are not spring chickens. 

Andy Petrigac

Willoughby, Ohio

The great political divide

I about fell out of my chair when I read this line from Washington Post columnist Marc A. Thiessen in the Oct. 3 Tribune:

“But as a president accountable to the American people for his decisions, he is not free to lie about it.”

Stupefied, I blinked multiple times when I realized Thiessen was vilifying Joe Biden for lying and not the former prevaricator-in-chief, Donald Trump, his idol.

Cleverly, Thiessen concealed his jaw-dropping comment by placing it at the very end of his column, presumably when most people have long given up reading him.

If you are astonished at Thiessen’s chutzpah, you shouldn’t be because you have long known about the great political divide separating Americans.

How bad is it? Try this on for size: 41% of Biden voters and 52% of Trump voters somewhat agree (and more) that it’s time to split the country up and favor blue/red states seceding from the union.

This item comes from the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics together with Project Home Fire, which worked with a marketing research data collection firm that captured responses from 1,001 Trump voters and 1,011 Biden voters. Check it out at: https://centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/articles/new-initiative-explores-deep-persistent-divides-between-biden-and-trump-voters/.

Wayne Falda


What's her opinion?

I am glad that Congresswoman Jackie Walorski has put her opinion out there. This is something that is very rare. Walorski has said that President Biden should resign. I wonder what other subjects she has an opinion on:

1. What opinion does she have on the Jan. 6 debacle?

2. Does Walorski have an opinion on why former President Trump will not reveal his income taxes? Does she know why — does he have something to hide?

3. Is it her opinion that the election was a hoax?

4. Does she support Trump on issues all the time? And is she afraid of going against the former president like most of the GOP?

5. What is her opinion of what the rebels would have done to former Vice President Mike Pence if they had caught him?

It is my opinion that Walorski will not give any answers to any of these questions.

Doug Cook