Notre Dame football recruiting: RB commit Hood flushes Alabama mail

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A cell phone, recruiting mail from Alabama and a toilet helped Notre Dame running back commit Elijah Hood make waves on Twitter late Tuesday night.

Making a video on an app called Vine, Hood recorded himself flushing Alabama recruiting mail in his toilet. He posted the video on Twitter with the hashtag #rolltoilet, and it quickly spread across the web.

In the video, Hood says, “Dang, Nick Saban hooked your boy up," while showing a pile of mail with Alabama logos on it. Then the video cut to Hood dropping the envelope in a toilet and flushing it, with Hood saying, "Roll Toilet."

The video was deleted Wednesday morning. Hood posted the following apology on Twitter:

"In regards to my post yesterday, it was wrong and very disrespectful to Alabama. My attempt at humor was immature, and wrong I'm sorry."