DE Isaiah Foskey

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Rivals ranking: Four stars, No. 15 WDE.

247Sports ranking: Four stars, No. 13 WDE, No. 203 overall player.

Notable numbers: 64 tackles, 21 tackles for a loss, 10 sacks, three forced fumbles and a pick-six.

Birthday: October 30, 2000.

First scholarship offer: Kansas. "I don't even know why they offered me. I was in the eighth grade. I did not even know what an offer was."

Moment I knew I wanted to be Irish: His first visit to Notre Dame, a July 26, 2018 unofficial visit. "I just remember no one was there."

One word to describe Brian Kelly: Amusing.

The one thing I won't miss the most about the recruiting process: "I won't miss a whole bunch of phone calls when I wake up. A lot of coaches sent the same thing. The same photo. Some coaches did it every single day."

Best player I've played against: Alabama OT Tommy Brown.

The last thing you watched on Netflix: "When They See Us."

Most embarrassing song on my playlist: "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" — Lemon Demon. "No one has heard of this. It's something off YouTube I used to listen to when I was a kid. I know it word by word. I don't know why."

Dream job (other than the NFL): "I want to own my own business. I don't know what type of business, but I want to be my own boss. I don't want to work for someone."

NFL comparison: Browns DE Myles Garrett.

Expectations for my freshman season: "To have a lot of playing time and be a person that they rely on when they need someone to step up."

Favorite football accomplishment: "Going to the All-American Bowl. Every day, I'm wearing something from the All-American Bowl."

Under Armour, Nike or Adidas: Adidas. "Once I went to the All-American Bowl, that's when I became an Adidas guy." 

What was the first position you played in football? Wide receiver and kick returner. 

What's your best sport other than football? Basketball. "I think I'm good at basketball. Other people don't."

Sports idol: Lakers SF LeBron James. "I like how LeBron James carries himself off the court and always gives back to the community."

Preferred social media: Instagram. 

Favorite musician/band: Lil Baby.

Celebrity crush: Zendaya. 

How many times have you watched Rudy? Twice. 

Most used emoji: 

How many pets do you have? One dog, Esco.

With the length and athleticism to defend the edges, and the versatility that's necessary to be an elite level defensive end, @IFoskey is a welcome member to our D-Line

— Mike Elston (@CoachMikeElston) February 6, 2019

DE Isaiah Foskey