MARCH MADNESS LIVE: Notre Dame basketball defeats Rutgers in double-overtime, NCAA Tournament updates

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are back in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2017. As a No. 11-seed in the West Region, the Irish will face fellow No. 11-seed Rutgers Scarlet Knights in Wednesday night's First Four round. 

The Irish (22-10 overall, 3rd in ACC) are having a rough start in March, losing two of its past three games, with its most recent loss to Virginia Tech in the quarterfinal round of the ACC Tournament. Blake Wesley leads Notre Dame in scoring (14.6 ppg), while Paul Atkinson Jr. leads the Irish in rebounds (7.0 rpg).

How to watch/stream March Madness:Notre Dame basketball vs. Rutgers in NCAA Tournament

The Scarlet Knights (18-13) have won two of its past three games, including an impressive, 66-63, buzzer-beater win over Indiana University on March 3rd. Ron Harper Jr., son of Bulls legend Ron Harper, leads Rutgers in scoring (15.6 ppg), with big man Clifford Omoruyi feasting in the paint, averaging a team high 7.9 rebounds per game.

FINAL: Notre Dame 89, Rutgers 87

After a double overtime outing, Notre Dame advances to the First Round of the NCAA Tournament after defeating Rutgers, 89-87, in Dayton, OH.

0:49, 2OT: Notre Dame 87, Rutgers 84

Notre Dame is 9-16 from the free throw line tonight.

1:21, 2OT: Notre Dame 85, Rutgers 84

Notre Dame has been a force inside the paint all night.

March Madness: Notre Dame 79,  Rutgers 79, head to double OT

Do you have anymore nails left to bite? After a huge three from Rutgers, the Fighting Irish rebuttal with a clutch Blake Wesley layup.

0:19, OT: Notre Dame 77, Rutgers 76

The turnover leads to a major lay-up by Cormac Ryan.

0:27.5, OT: Rutgers 76, Notre Dame 75

Ron Harper Jr. hits the clutch three-pointer to put the Scarlet Knights up.

2:05, OT: Notre Dame 73, Rutgers 73

Huge charge call for Notre Dame. Notre Dame forward Nate Laszewski with the big IQ play.

3:00, OT: Rutgers 71, Notre Dame 70

March Madness is here: Notre Dame and Rutgers head into overtime

Fun fact: Notre Dame only has five turnovers heading into OT.

0:59, 2nd H: Notre Dame 69, Rutgers 69

March Madness is here baby! *Dick Vitale voice *

1:47, 2nd H: Notre Dame 69, Rutgers 69

Notre Dame forward Nate Laszewski grabs the board for his fourth rebound on the day. He also has 12-points.

4:06, 2nd H: Notre Dame 63, Rutgers 62

March continues the madness. This one might come down to the wire.

6:08, 2nd H: Notre Dame 62, Rutgers 58

Notre Dame keeps on fightin' and pushes its late second half the lead.

8:56, 2nd H: Notre Dame 55, Rutgers 53

The Irish grabs its first lead since in the second half of play.

11:45, 2nd H: Rutgers 51, Notre Dame 50

Notre Dame guard Dane Goodwin hits a major three to give the Fighting Irish a second half boost. He has five points on the day.

15:36, 2nd H: Rutgers 46, Notre Dame 42 

The Rutgers (22) are out-rebounding Notre Dame (17), but still pretty even-kilt.

19:02, 2nd H: Rutgers 44, Notre Dame 38

Notre Dame looks to end its first half turnover mistakes, but the Rutgers are responding with tough defense. 

Halftime: Rutgers is leading Notre Dame, 41-36, at the half

It’s a tight one in Dayton!

Rutgers went into the locker room leading Notre Dame, 41-36. The first half was very much back-and-forth with Notre Dame shooting 54-percent from the field and Rutgers shooting 58-percent.

Notre Dame center Paul Atkinson Jr. is playing like a man on a mission, shooting eight-for-ten from the field for ten points and nabbing four rebounds. On the other end of things, Rutgers guard and Big Ten defensive player of the year Caleb McConnell is eight-of-nine from the field for 18-points and has corralled three rebounds.

2:29, 1st H: Notre Dame 34, Rutgers 36

4:01, 1st H: Notre Dame 32, Rutgers 36

Irish hang tight as the Rutgers go on a 11-2 run.

5:12, 1st H: Notre Dame 30, Rutgers 34

And the back-and-forth continues. Rutgers takes the lead.

7:26, 1st H: Notre Dame 28, Rutgers 25

Notre Dame center Paul Atkinson is five-of-five from the field for 10-points. While Rutgers guard Caleb McConnell is six-of-seven for 14-points.

8:07, 1st H: Notre Dame 26, Rutgers 25

9:35, 1st H: Notre Dame 22, Rutgers 22

The Big Ten defensive player of the year, Caleb McConnell, is making noise for the Scarlet Knights on the offensive end.

11:57, 1st H: Notre Dame 17, Rutgers 15

Notre Dame current leader: Paul Atkinson Jr. (8-points). Rutgers current leader: Clifford Omoruyi (4-points, 2 rebounds)

12:39, 1st H: Notre Dame 15, Rutgers 11

Notre Dame freshman guard Blake Wesley gets on the board, while Paul Atkinson Jr. is dominating inside shooting 4-for-4 with eight points.

17:58, 1st H: Notre Dame 2, Rutgers 2

Notre Dame must keep turnovers to a minimum if they want to advance. 

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Mike Brey is in his 22nd season as Notre Dame basketball coach. Steve Pikiell is the Scarlet Knights basketball coach.

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