Notre Dame Football Update: Golson issues statement

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Suspended Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson issued a statementthrough the University Sunday. The following is the text of thatstatement:

Dear Notre Dame Community,

I have been informed by the University of Notre Dame that due to mypoor academic judgment that I have been suspended from the Universityfor the 2013 Fall Term.

I take full responsibility for my poor choices and will do all that isasked of me to regain the trust of my family, friends, teammates,coaches and the entire Notre Dame community.

I chose to attend Notre Dame because of its mission to develop me bothon and off the football field.

My parents and the community I grew up in have instilled values in methat have and will continue to allow me to be successful in thefuture. There have been many lessons learned as I worked to become thestarting quarterback at Notre Dame and each was a result of CoachKelly's belief in me as an athlete and a person.

At this point, I understand how my integrity could be in question butI want to reassure my supporters that through this experience I willreturn a better student athlete as well as a better individual.

Lastly, I want to thank the University of Notre Dame for theopportunity already granted and also the opportunity going forth toregain my eligibility in the winter of 2014.


Everett Golson

Everett Golson (5) in action last season against Oklahoma.