Notre Dame football: ND Insider Twitter Chatter

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ND Insider

@CLE_CLCFan: Can ND suit up Bettis? Need a bruising back for 3rd and short plays... #NDInsider

@McClearyScott: ND always comes out so unprepared and lack of excitement. #NDInsider

@cdn515: Did the Irish come out of the locker room yet #ndinsider

@dmacgreg37: Is it bad when the other team has 2 TD before the TV crew has introduced their offense? #ndinsider

@socrates_johnsn: Rees' only job is to not lose the game...failing thus far #NDInsider

@RyanMChatterton: It boils my blood that we tried to do nothing with 3 TO's b4 half. Sooners get the ball first in the 2nd half.... #NDInsider

@ezakem: Awful play calling, buckets of TOs, and the whole <<< the sum of the parts: 2013 is bizarro 2012 for #NDFB #NDInsider

@LaFontaine12: Our halftime adjustment is to let Tommy know we are in blue today #NDinsider

@matt_lozar: GA3 has world-class speed #Whhhoooosssshhhh #NDInsider

@andywhalen: Just when I was going to talk about how Tuitt hasn't made a play today, he takes out Bell #NDinsider

@socrates_johnsn: The D-Line is criticized for not getting sacks, but it's tough when receivers are running free...always #NDInsider

Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly talks to his players during the Notre Dame vs. Oklahoma football game on Saturday, September 28, 2013, at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend. SBT Photo/ROBERT FRANKLIN