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@1IRISH1: Sorry #NDNation but I like that playcall 9 times out of 10. Good defensive play. ND is controlling LOS. #NDInsider

@Koz1988: ND Defense = Swiss Cheese #NDinsider

@dmacgreg37: Starting to look like a long field version of an Arena league game. Get a stop or two and you'll win the game. #ndinsider

@realTSapp: that kid @coleluke11 is going to be very special #ndinsider

@FairCatch_Corby: BK finally figures out a way to keep his mouth of NBC cameras; the playsheet #NDInsider

@tool1934: play calling is brutal. Bootlegs on back to back plays with Rees..?? #NDInsider

@stevenjboyer: After TJ's first catch, I told myself I'd rather have him than Lee. No joke! TJ's a baller! #NDInsider

@CLE_CLCFan: Can't believe how inept Hendrix looks passing tonight! You'd think he never took a snap in practice! #NDInsider