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@dandenver: If #NotreDame scores less points than Alabama scored against the Irish in the BCS, I’ll be disappointed #NDInsider

@coanzone: apparently the Air Force D was mesmerized by the Incredibly Photogenic Play Fake on that Fuller TD #NDInsider

@CLE_CLCFan: Some ND fans struggle to find ND-AF game on TV. Some ND defenders struggle to find AF ballcarriers... #NDInsider

@mrauch3389: #ndinsider Tommy is proving that he is offensive MVP for this year.

@neely_shannon: The first half really showed how much we miss experienced safety play. They ran the alley well the past few years. #NDInsider

@behing011: #NDInsider - Overall, a good half for ND, but seriously, get some points with a minute left. Taking a knee is pathetic after a turnover

@irishbadger18: Tommy Rees, my first round fantasy pick next year #4TDs #Reesus #NDInsider

@1IRISH1: Dear Tommy: Record this game. In your brain. Trust your eyeballs. Two NFL type TD passes in a row. #NDInsider

@Olivier_Daoust: Game balls for Notre Dame: Jaylon Smith et K. Russell (easy to pick Rees and TJ) #NDinsider