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@mkboschy: I like Romeo on edge, gonna need the speed #NDInsider

@FairCatch_Corby: GA-3! YOU SANK MY BATTLESHIP!!!! #NDInsider

@stevenjboyer: ND’s best defense for Navy’s option attack? A little pistol, some shotgun, and a lot of shoddy grass. #NAVYvsND #NDInsider

@McClearyScott: OK traditionalists still want real grass? #NDInsider. #fieldturfplease

@neely_shannon: Get the safeties involved in run support #NDInsider

@mookwashington: #NDFootball needs to keep scoring.That will force #Navy to open up offensively. That will be the way to help the Irish D. #NDInsider

@dan_lauck: know this isn’t his type of game, but it would be nice to have Nix clogging the middle. #NDInsider

@vfrrider: #NDInsider yes navy running ball well, but nd has been straight up hosed by officials. Game wouldn’t be close if not for those calls

@Mister_Zam: Does Folston’s running remind anyone of Darius walker? #NDInsider

@keanedj: last week ND locked in on 3rd down. This week can’t get off the field #NDInsider

@titor1208: One Stop! #NDInsider