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@ewolf_91: How many more times is this targeting call gonna be made - and made incorrectly - before the NCAA scraps it? #NDInsider

@MerryRegan: Targeting calls are RUINING the college game. #ndinsider #NDvsPitt #CFB

@HLS_BayouIrish: A laughably biased and insidious confirmation of a horrible call. #NDInsider

@irisharpe: Do teams really play their best against us or do we just make it appear that way? #NDInsider

@Scootac814: I Am I the only one out here that has turned down the TV and turned up the radio? #Ndinsider

@schexnola: #NDInsider More Folston. More blitzes. Pray for our LBs to fall into making a play.

@csnpm: Bizarre play calling and horrible QB play. Why can’t we ever put it together on both sides of the ball? #NDInsider

@CLE_CLCFan: That was Leon Lett bad ... #NDInsider

@CoachNate79: Can someone explain to me why @OffcialTFolston only had 4 carries? 140 last week and 13 yard this week. #NDInsider