Notre Dame football: Staff hires on fans’ minds

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Here are the highlights and lowlights from Notre Dame football beat writer Eric Hansen’s latest live chat. To read the entire transcript, go to The next live chat will be announced later, but will be sometime after the bowl game.

Bill from Toronto

Q: Who do you see taking over as the defensive coordinator? I heard rumblings about a possible switch to a 4-3, because we can't get the nose guard needed to run a 3-4. Have you heard about this? Will it influence the hire? Thanks for the chats, Eric!

A: Head coach Brian Kelly said he'll DEFINITELY hire a guy who can run a 3-4 multiple system, as the Irish do now. Whether that's an internal or external candidate remains to be seen. ND runs 4-3 about 45 percent of the time, so they want to be able to flip back and forth. A straight 4-3 guy won't work.


Q: Can you provide any context/background info to Louis Nix's decision to sign with an agent before the bowl game? Even though he's not playing, the way in which this was handled seems odd, and my understanding is that as a result he can't travel with the team. Was he unhappy with the program or coaches in some way? Thanks.

A: Clark, I am still trying to track down Louis to get his side. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. In his instance, there is true economic hardship. However, I'm not sure why it couldn't wait three weeks. Until I get a chance to talk to him directly, I am going to reserve judgment.

Jack from Kalamazoo

Q: What do you expect from Everett Golson next year? Any chance he will be challenged by Malik Zaire or DeShone Kizer? And will we see more of a featured running back next year?

A: I expect Golson to be significantly better than what he was in 2012, even with a year away. I don't think Kizer will challenge. I think he's just too far away, but love his upside. Zaire will likely be the No. 2. I expect Everett to put some separation between himself and Zaire in the spring. I do think you'll see a more clear pecking order at running back next year, but I still see a rotation, especially with Bryant being reintroduced into the mix.

Paul from Galway, Ireland

Q: Hey Eric, great to have the chat back this week. Could you see Texas coming in and looking at Coach Kelly? The Eagles job turned his head. $7 million to $8 million a year would turn mine!

A: Hi Paul, I hope you're staying warmer than we are. I don't think Texas will come after Brian Kelly. I don't think he's on the radar. However, if the Detroit Lions make a change at head coach, look for them to make a run at Kelly.

Robert from Illinois

Q: What is your feeling about whether Stephon Tuitt stays or leaves? His comment about Floyd, Te’o and Eifert wouldn't affect his decision makes me think he is leaving.

A: Either way won't surprise me. I think what he meant are the three people who will be most influential to him are his mom and his mentors, Coach Gator Browning and former Atlanta Falcon Chuck Smith. Normally a kid in his position would no way come back, but with him I'm not so sure.