Brian Kelly nixes report of Brady Hoke joining Notre Dame staff

Eric Hansen
South Bend Tribune

SOUTH BEND — The parade of trite commitment/signing ceremonies Wednesday morning was interrupted by a jaw-dropping report that deposed former Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke was poised to join the Notre Dame coaching staff.

The idea wasn’t completely far-fetched, but the purported end result sure turned out to be. Hoke, part of CBS Sports Network’s National Signing Day coverage, quickly shot down the trending news.

ND head coach Brian Kelly also put his relationship with Hoke in perspective.

“Brady and I were in Fort Worth together for ESPN (in early January),” Kelly said, “and we’re both represented by the same agent, Trace Armstrong from CAA.

“We were having a Coke after a couple of the shows that we had done together, and we just started talking about coaching again. I have a lot of respect for Brady and just in normal conversation, I said, ‘What are you going to do? I’d love to have you on my staff.’

“And no jobs were ever offered or accepted, and it was my impression all along that he was going to travel with his wife and get out and see other programs. So I was never led to believe that he was ever going to take a job on the staff.

“But if he was ever interested, I would certainly consider him. I think he’s a phenomenal football coach. I’ve seen him coach positionally and as a head coach, but nothing was ever offered or accepted.

“Just one of those things where maybe there was somebody at the bar that was listening to us and came up with their own scoop or story? Who knows?”

A report surfaced Wednesday morning that former Michigan head coach Brady Hoke would be joining Notre Dame's staff. It has since been denied by both Hoke and Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly. (SBT File Photo)