Notre Dame grad among four living atop billboard in San Jose during College Football Playoffs

Caleb Bauer and Margaret Fosmoe
South Bend Tribune

Jeanette Kim, a 2015 University of Notre Dame graduate, is one of four college football fans living atop a billboard for up to 12 days in San Jose, California, near the site of the Jan. 7 NCAA national championship football game in Levi Stadium.

Kim, who lives and works in New York City, was one of four fans selected to represent their favorite teams as part of ESPN’s College Football Playoff “Who’s In” campaign, after being selected from almost 700 fans who submitted video applications.

Atop the 45-foot high billboard Friday, Kim said the promotion gives her the opportunity to see Notre Dame play in the national championship if the team beats Clemson in the College Football Playoff semi-finals Saturday.

The four climbed atop the billboard on Wednesday night, sleeping in tents and sleeping bags above San Jose, where temperatures still dip into the 30s at night. Kim found out about the chance to climb atop the billboard from a friend, who sent her the ESPN call-out email.

“My friend said ‘this is probably something you would do,’” Kim said in a telephone interview Friday. “And the email said you can’t be camera shy and can’t be afraid of heights ... So I thought ‘this sounds like it could be an interesting experience, I think I have to do this.”

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University of Notre Dame graduate Jeanette Kim, front and center, with three other college football fans who are currently living on a billboard in San Jose, California, for cash and prizes and the chance to attend the NCAA national championship football game.