Notre Dame Football Live Chat returns ... sort of, as Notre Dame Football Mailbag

Eric Hansen
South Bend Tribune

Notre Dame Live Chat is becoming less live, but hopefully more accessible.

For those who could never submit a question because of prior commitments (work, lunch, Judge Judy), we’re going to try it in mailbag form for a while.

There are two ways to submit your question (besides telepathy, which won’t work). You can email me at, and use NDI Mailbag in the subject line. Or if you’re really concise, you can submit questions to me on Twitter @EHansenNDI. Use the hashtag #NDIMailbag.

Everything else you loved and loathed about the chat is still in place. I still implore you to include your name and hometown with your question(s). There’s still no fighting, spitting, drinking or gambling, but I supposed the no-bare feet restriction should be lifted.

Also, just because you have more time to formulate your questions, please no manifestos or 17-part questions.

I’ll answer the questions this week by Thursday afternoon, per usual, and post it later that day, so try to have the questions submitted by noon (EST). A shorter version of the transcript will run in the Tribune’s print editions.

Thanks in advance for at least tolerating, possibly embracing, the new format. The chats will shift into weekly mode once spring practice starts.

Notre Dame’s Jerry Tillery (99) smiles big as he stands behind members of the Irish Guard following a 2017 game against Temple.