Time to wrap your arms around the notion of submitting questions to the ND Mailbag

Eric Hansen
South Bend Tribune

The Notre Dame Football Not-So-Live Chat/Mailbag returns this week.

We’ll publish the full exchange online late Thursday afternoon, and an abridged version in print in Friday’s South Bend Tribune. So try to have your questions submitted by Thursday at noon EST.

How do you submit them? You can email me at, and use NDI Mailbag in the subject line. Or if you’re really concise, you can submit questions to me on Twitter @EHansenNDI. Use the hashtag #NDIMailbag.

If you’ve submitted a question since the last not-so-live chat/mailbag, I’ve been saving those, so there’s no need to resubmit unless you simply want to give your fingers a workout.

Please include your name and hometown along with your question.

Also if you have the habit of getting a little windy, please curb the length of your questions and the urge to get manifesto-ish with them. Hint: If you need to take a nap between the time you start typing the question and the time you finish it, it probably needs a revision that makes it shorter.

Questions submitted in English and that don’t require calculus to formulate an answer are appreciated.

Thanks in advance for tolerating/embracing, the new format. The first edition was a rousing success. The mailbags will shift into weekly mode once spring practice starts, on March 2.

Then-Notre Dame quarterback Brandon Wimbush (7) gets a hug from former Irish QB DeShone Kizer following ND’s 24-17 win over Michigan on Sept. 1.