Have a question about purple pants or anything else ND football-related? Time to submit them

Eric Hansen
South Bend Tribune

Like the Notre Dame linebackers this spring, the Notre Dame Not-So-Live Chat Mailbag was a bit of an experiment.

The feedback and participation levels have far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for embracing/tolerating the new format.

We’re doing this one last time this spring, so it’s time to submit your questions. In English. With your name and hometown. With the intent of not veering away from Notre Dame football.

You can submit questions via email — Use NDI Mailbag in the subject line. Or you can submit them via Twitter — @EHansenNDI. Use the hashtag #NDIMailbag.

Please submit them by noon EDT on Friday. The Qs and As will be posted in full on Friday afternoon, with an abridged version running in print in Saturday’s South Bend Tribune.

For those who did prefer the old live chat format, we are still searching for a company that can provide the chat software for a reasonable price. If we do so, perhaps we’ll mix and match a little bit with the formats next fall. For now, it’s mailbag with one exception — I hope.

As long as I don’t melt down trying to adapt to the technology, we’ll try a Facebook Live session or something along those lines next week. I’ll keep you posted on our website, my Twitter account and the NDInsider Facebook page for date, time and web address.

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly (right) not only helped former Irish linebacker Jaylon Smith with The Shirt reveal last spring, he also showed off what turned out to be lucky purple pants.