Noie: Young guys have to play for Notre Dame men's basketball team

Tom Noie
Notre Dame Insider

{child_flags:featured}Noie: Young guys have to play for Notre Dame men’s basketball team

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Notre Dame Insider{/child_byline}

Big decisions by the one who has final say can bring about healthy, extended and sometimes spirited dialogues in the (old, but not yet new) Notre Dame men’s basketball offices.

When Mike Brey reaches a conclusion on something, it’s often after consultation from his staff. The assistants speak freely, even if opinions differ. That’s good. That’s healthy. That works.

In March of 2016, Brey made a decision that sent a conference room at the Marriott Marquis in midtown Manhattan up for grabs. On the eve of meeting Michigan in the NCAA tournament, Brey wanted to start reserve guard Matt Farrell alongside Demetrius Jackson.

No matter that weeks earlier, Farrell had had one foot, and probably close to two, out the door. Buried in the rotation, Farrell had every intention to transfer. Instead, on the game’s biggest stage, he made his first career start.

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Point guard Prentiss Hubb is part of a talented freshman class that's pushed their way into regular rotation for the Notre Dame men's basketball team.