Chat Transcript: Talk Notre Dame men's basketball with Tom Noie

Tom Noie
South Bend Tribune

Ed: Does Juwan Durham still have room for improvement from last year, or based on his size/frame/injury history, is that probably about what we can expect from him?

Tom Noie: Ed: Everyone needs to be better than they were last year, including Juwan Durham, who was basically derailed by a sprained ankle suffered New Year's Day against Virginia Tech. He has to be better, but he's been hampered by injuries for too long. More work in the weight room, more work with position coach Ryan Humphrey. Hubb and Laszewski may make the biggest jumps next season, but Durham should be right behind them.

Dunny: Where can I find any hope that this group of players will finally be able to hit the same shots they bricked all last season?

Tom Noie: Hopefully in the practice facility...where everybody needs more offseason work with their shot. A summer in the gym surely will help last year's freshmen, while T.J. Gibbs just needs to be smarter about the kinds of shots he takes.

Dennis: What is it about guys wanting to go to such a bad program, Vanderbilt? I just do not understand the thought process

Tom Noie: Dennis: Things have changed just a bit since Matt Ryan left Notre Dame for Vanderbilt. Bryce Drew offered him shots and playing time and a chance to start (though Ryan eventually went back to the bench). Now under Jerry Stackhouse, there's really no blueprint for that other than D.J. Harvey believes he'll one day play in the NBA. Why not play for someone who knows what it takes to get to the league. That's really Harvey's main reason for going to Vanderbilt to play for someone who's never been a college head coach. Harvey and his family believe Stackhouse can best prepare him to get to where he believes - where they believe - he can go....the NBA.

Nathan - Las Vegas : Tom - on Twitter a few weeks back you hinted at 2-3 new faces joining ND for this season. Obviously, things have changed. Was ND simply really confident in Pierce and another transfer coming at that time? Just curious how things shook out. Still the possibility of a normal transfer?

Tom Noie: Nathan: Notre Dame was so confident that it would get Pierce that they all but held a starting spot for him. Here it is, take it. He didn't. And given where this program was last season in going 3-15 with three scholarships available, the odds were better than average that Notre Dame would tap the graduate transfer market. Or bring in one of each. Didn't really materialize for one reason or another. Maybe they still add a traditional transfer, but.....

Joe: Not sure if this has been asked yet, but from a roster management perspective what transfers are we still after? A rising freshman to make up for the empty 2019 class makes a TON OF SENSE

Tom Noie: Joe: From the perspective of 2019-20, the last thing this program needs is a traditional transfer who's going to sit out and then be eligible for 2020-21. This program needs to win now. Needs to be better now. A sit-out transfer won't help this team be better in 2019-20. A graduate transfer would. Where was this program's downfall last season, other than the injuries? Too few old guys, specifically, seniors. This program needs to get older next year, not younger.

Joe: Also I saw you mentioned in an article Ethan Happ as a target last year? How heavily were we involved there?

Tom Noie: Joe: Ethan Happ was an option last season, just as James Blackmon, Jr. was an option the previous year. Blackmon chose the NBA. Happ chose to remain at Wisconsin. Imagine how those two - both playing one year - would have helped.

Nick B - South Bend: Way to early starting 5? Also how many recruits does Brey want to add for 2020? Top realistic targets?

Tom Noie: Nick: Notre Dame plays at North Carolina tomorrow, the starting five likely would be Prentiss Hubb, T.J. Gibbs, Rex Pflueger, John Mooney and Nate Laszewski. How many recruits for 2020? Notre Dame will have seven scholarships available, but no way will it add seven. Five freshmen last year almost made Brey's head explode trying to figure out rotations and minutes. Gotta tap the grad transfer market again.

Ryan: Hey Tom, is an NCAA tournament bid unrealistic next year for this team based on the massive struggles last season. Also can we expect a similar pfleuger as last year before injury or do you expect this injury to effect him a little in the coming season

Tom Noie: Ryan: An NCAA tournament bid should NEVER be unrealistic for a program like Notre Dame. That should be a starting point, at the least. Going to the NCAA next year shouldn't be out of the question as long as everyone stays healthy. It's not an excuse or a crutch, but the fact this program has lost over 100 player games to injury the last two years to injury is a factor why they haven't been to the NCAA the last two years. Stay healthy this year, they can make a run.

Bobby: Are you hearing anything about where Pflueger and Carmody are in their respective recoveries from injury?

Tom Noie: Bobby: Both are relatively on/ahead of schedule. Carmody is close to returning to full-out five-on-five while Pflueger is more like September. Both will be intriguing to see where they fit next season. If Pflueger's the player we saw at bankers Life Fieldhouse before his injury, optimism increases....

IrishWay: The freshmen all had their up and down moments last season which was to be expected. How healthy was Dane last year? He played like a man early in the ACC and looked completely overmatched the rest of the way. What does a healthy Robby bring to this team next season?

Tom Noie: IW: Dane Goodwin wasn't completely healthy, but welcome to the unforgiving world of the ACC. You don't have time to get healthy because another gauntlet awaits. And he looked overmatched at times. OK, a lot of times. Lesson learned by a freshman. All the freshmen. Given what the injury situation was, Goodwin couldn't afford to sit. He had to play through the soreness and the struggles. There was no other option. It will be interesting to see what happens with Carmody. How does he fit? He can bring some toughness. Did last season before he got hurt, but he also has to S-L-O-W down. He played way too fast when he did play. That will come.

Ian : If ND fails to reach the tourney for the 3rd straight year. Will Brey be on the hot seat?

Tom Noie: Ian: Absolutely. He knows it. He understands that's the way of the basketball world. Gotta first stay healthy. What would the 2017-18 have done if Colson hadn't gotten hurt? If Farrell? Harvey? At the least, it makes the tournament. Last year, do they 9-9 without all the injuries? Stay healthy, get older, get better and this program can get back on track.

Bruce, from Dayton, Ohio: Hi Tom, thanks for doing the chats and giving us some great info. What is your overall opinion of the assistant coaches? I know ND will always have trouble recruiting against the elite, but are they good enough recruiters to keep ND in the top 20 each year? With the new practice facility that should not be an excuse anymore. Thanks

Tom Noie: Bruce: Anybody from Dayton automatically should go to the top of the list. Ryan Ayers and Ryan Humphrey are good enough to recruit guys, but can they close? Can Rod Balanis? Heck, can Mike Brey? All fair questions now after not getting at least one guy/grad transfer. Honestly, I don't know.

Joe: Appreciate the response on the transfer, and all your coverage. Seems like you are the only person in the country who covers ND basketball. But we can't go into the season with 3 open scholarships, that's bad roster management. I understand the ideal was a grad transfer and a one year transfer. We whiffed on the grad transfer so now we're going to whiff on the traditional transfer as well? We can't whiff on both or we will be in the same position when the current frosh are juniors. We will have 5 guys with 2 years in the program and a bunch of incoming frosh. need something in between. Maybe I'm just being impatient

Tom Noie: Joe: Impatient? Nothing wrong with being impatient. Beats the alternative of accepting the status quo. That's what concerns me most - you're riding with the same 10 guys you had when you went 3-15. Get at least one new face to shake things up a little. Can't hurt, can it? Never say never when there's over 700 kids in the transfer portal, but it wouldn't surprise me if Notre Dame doesn't get a transfer.

Dylan: Tom, are you beginning to sense any frustration from the staff in regards to recruiting. I know 2019 was never going to be a big class based on taking 5 the previous year, but it seems 2020 is already off to a rough start after losing Ivey. Add the lack of a grad transfer addition to the mix as well. Thanks

Tom Noie: Dylan: Not at all. They're confident in their 2020 list. Jaden Ivey's a talent, but Purdue was there with him longer. And what happens if Ivey goes the route of Harvey at Notre Dame? That it doesn't work? Sometimes when you've been around one place your entire life, you want to see what else is out there. That wasn't the case with Demetrius Jackson, who didn't want to leave Saint Joseph County. That was the case with Ivey. It was time he look beyond the Notre Dame bubble.

Nathan - Las Vegas : A little slice of optimism for next year - I’m sure ND and coach Brey are spinning the idea of Rex being a welcomed grad (transfer) and Carmody as an incoming top 100 freshman. Two key guys to the 2019-2020 puzzle for sure.

Tom Noie: Nathan: Absolutely, as long as the Pflueger from the Purdue game is the one we see. But you don't know. What's he going to be like coming back off reconstructive surgery? He's also dealing with some sensitive family issues with his mother's health. How does that weigh on him? Don't know, just as we don't know how Carmody fits, only that he has to.

Michael- Steubenville, OH : Who NEEDS to take the biggest jump this year? secondly, what 2020 recruits seem realistic, if any, at this point? Any big names?

Tom Noie: Michael: It's a jump-ball tie between Prentiss Hubb and Nate Laszewski. If they're better than they were as freshmen, Notre Dame will be better. As for 2020, you never know in recruiting, but it'll be a surprise if Notre Dame doesn't land Hunter Dickinson from DeMatha. Now if that doesn't happen, I'll say, see, told you it wouldn'

Nick B - South Bend: What are Breys plans for Djojo and Doherty this year ?

Tom Noie: Nick: Complementary pieces. Djogo's had his chances the last two years, but hasn't delivered the way he needs to deliver. Doherty could go back on the five-year plan or he could be an end-of-bench guy. There are others ahead of them on the depth chart that will get earlier chances.

Nick B - South Bend: Does losing Harvey affect the DeMatha pipeline ? Dickinson and Timberlake both on NDs 2020 wishlist

Tom Noie: Nick: Not at all. Been told as much that almost weekly from DeMatha contacts. Notre Dame knew that Harvey would be a challenge. It's not any concern from the DeMatha end moving forward.

Ian : Any info on our non conference opponents? I assume it will be easier like the 14-15 ACC Champs season coming off of a bad season before.

Tom Noie: Ian: Great call. Look at the non-conference schedule for 2014-15 to see what 2019-20 might look like. A lot of home games. Few road games. There are some certainties - Delaware (home), UCLA (home), Indiana (neutral) and an early-season tourney hosted by Notre Dame like last season. Notre Dame finished last in the ACC, which means it wouldn't be part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge unless a team with a coaching change (only Virginia Tech) chose NOT to participate. Otherwise, there's no ACC/Big Ten Challenge game. This Notre Dame team needs confidence (and frankly, at home) for 2019-20. Too many home losses also have to be fixed.

Bill: Since ND finished last in the ACC, are they in danger of being the passed up team for the ACC-Big Ten Challenge? Or does brand name mean more than the previous year's standings in terms of matchup selections?

Tom Noie: Bill: Great question - answered below (or above, lol) Notre Dame is not expected to be part of ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

Bill: How much does ND miss Martin Ingelsby in terms of recruiting and guard development? I feel like Humphreys has proven he can develop big guys (Geben and Mooney stand out), but it seems as though the jury is still out on Ayers

Tom Noie: Bill: Good question. Fair question. I think Notre Dame misses Anthony Solomon more than anyone. Slo was the heavy, the guy who wasn't afraid to light guys up, push them, prod them, get them better. This staff doesn't really have someone like that. Humphrey has shown signs and has done a lot in developing Mooney and to an extent, Durham before he was sidetracked.

Tom Noie: From ED: Any hope of getting old Big East rivals (Marquette, Villanova, Georgetown, heck even UConn) back on the schedule any time soon?

Tom Noie: Ed: Connecticut? No. The others, yes, and maybe sooner than later. Notre Dame is close to starting something with Georgetown and Villanova. After seeing the Fiserv Forum up close couple weeks ago, Marquette should be right there as well. It's difficult now with a 20-game league schedule starting this season, but I'd like to see more of those teams and less of the annual Crossorads Classic in Indianapolis. Fold Purdue or Indiana matchups into ACC/Big Ten games and it fees up a date to get back to the old Big East teams.

Joe: Hypothetical, say we go something like 20-12 (9-9) this year and bow out in the second round of the NCAAs, how much longer do you think Brey is hanging around? My worry was the Ivey commitment was possibly a sign where he was hearing whispers due to his closeness to ND athletics that Brey might be heading for retirement in the next 2-4 years

Tom Noie: Joe: My first reaction is no way, Brey's going to coach out his contract through 2024-25, but after the last two years, not so sure. Think everything would be in play - stay, take another job, walk away from everything and parachute into television. I know he's set on getting this back on track, but if doesn't happen, what then? Stay tuned.

Bill : I feel like there has been a lot of chatter criticizing recruiting and it has been contextualized as ND failing to capitalize on their back-to-back Elite 8s. Obviously, this year has been a swing and a miss, but I believe the current roster has more top 100 recruits than at any point of the Brey era? Do you think there are different challenges that present themselves when trying to develop talented recruiting classes as opposed typical Brey classes that understand it could be a few years before they see significant minutes?

Tom Noie: Bill: Finally, a voice of recruiting reason. I've been in the minority when it comes to the empty recruiting class. And Brey's never ducked that issue. He explained it last fall - like, every kid they were involved in, their first question wasn't about the Mendoza School of Business being ranked among the nation's best or the benefits of having a degree from Notre Dame in 40 years. it was about playing time. EVERYONE wanted it, almost all of them sooner than later. But when you have six new faces (the five freshmen and transfer Juwan Durham), Brey couldn't honestly tell kids, yeah, you'll play early. He had to first see what he had in that class. So here was the thinking - take a big swing (and subsequent miss) with five-star guys like Isaiah Stewart, Jeremiah Robinson-Earl and Cole Anthony. If they picked Notre Dame, great. if they didn't, you've got six guys you've got to develop over the next three, four and maybe five years.

Mark: Dane Goodwin showed signs in spurts last year. What do you see his role this year

Tom Noie: Mark: To be determined, a situation that was muddled with the return of Rex Pflueger. He returns - healthy - and what does that mean as to how Goodwin and Carmody fit? There will be a log-jam at the guard spot. Goodwin's got to get stronger and more confident in his game. He had too many times last season where he had an open shot, but wouldn't shoot it.

Drew: Are you surprised that Pat Connaughton has had the best NBA career of any of that 2015 squad?

Tom Noie: Drew: Not at all. The guy's been driven to prove he's an NBA guy since he was drafted. He was going to prove people wrong. it didn't work out or end the way he wanted it in Portland, but that made him even more determined. Like, I'm going to make it. Just watch. I've kept in touch with Pat since he's been in the league. Milwaukee was the perfect situation for him - he signed a two-year deal banking on himself and that he'd be in position for a bigger deal after next year (the second year). Look at what he's done the last few months. Guy's a legit pro. More and more teams have learned that.

joe from the south side: Tom: It's not only about PT but that's a big part of it. Even the 2 and 3 star kids have their own videos. Add ND's academic standards to the kids' unrealistic expectations and it does not bode well for those running clean programs (what has WISC, NW and Stanford done recently---not much). My guess is if you go to 247 sports and look at the top 100, Brey can realistically recruit 15-20 of those kids, if that. The odds aren't good.

Tom Noie: Joe: Great point. The odds are even tougher than that. I asked someone who once coached at Notre Dame, look at the Top 100 kids in the country. Realistically, of those 100, how many would Notre Dame have a legit chance at. The answer? Maybe six. Maybe eight. No more than 10. Everybody likes to say, Notre Dame should be this and do this and be like that, but my question is.....why? How? Look at the elite of the elite programs...the Dukes and the Carolinas and the Villanovas of the college basketball world. Why would any prospect go to Notre Dame? Where you have to take challenging classes? Where you're looking for more than just one year. Notre Dame does it differently. It takes a unique athlete AND student to want what Notre Dame offers. It's not easy.

Drew: Piggybacking off my last question: Anyone on this current roster who you think could get an NBA look?

Tom Noie: Joe: Continuing off my last post - case in point that Notre Dame is different, look at John Mooney. Guy leads the ACC in rebounding. Bust-out junior year. Any other school, someone explodes on the college hoops scene like that, he's off to the NBA, right? At least, kicking the tires. Not Mooney. The staff tried to get him to at least submit his name to the NBA so he'd get feedback from the league. He didn't want to do it. Just wasn't interested. John Mooney considers himself a four-year college guy. He wants four years of college. That's unheard of, but those are the type of guys Notre Dame gets.

Tom Noie: Drew: Too early to tell.

Adam: Why didn't Brey offer Braden Norris? Seems like he offers shooting and a 2nd ball handler for the future, which are both badly needed. Bird in a hand, and all that...

Tom Noie: Adam: Don't know and don't really mind that he didn't. The kid played at Oakland. He committed to Loyola. Kind of a lateral move, no? Horizon to Missouri valley? Like, maybe Norris understands that's the level he has to play at. It would be different if he went from the Horizon League to the Big East, or looked hard at the ACC and committed to Wake Forest. Notre Dame staff probably thinks it can get a Braden Norris type of player in the next recruiting cycle.

Drew: Do you know if ND was involved with the Hauser bros?

Tom Noie: Drew: They are not. Brey's tried...reciprocal interest just not there.

joe from the south side: Tom: I am in the Gibbs returns to form camp.......if! Gibbs has proven he can't be the #1 option on the perimeter. He draws the best outside defender night in and night out. He needs help. If Hubb and Nate L. can give them about 20-25/game, that will take a huge amount of pressure off him. I can see him averaging in the mid-teens if other teams are forced to guard multiple options.

Tom Noie: Joe: Sign me up for the steady Gibbs tomorrow. He's already tried the star stuff. Didn't work out. Understand where you fit and don't try to be something you just can't be and it'll go a lot easier. And you won't have that dope SBT columnist/beat guy on you. Nobody wants that! lol

joe from the south side: Tom: it's not only the type of guy they get, it's the type of guy they HAVE to get. I figured they had no shot at Anthony when he said he wanted to go to a Final Four type team. That left ND out. Same with the forward from LaLu and the forward who went to Nova. Too big time for ND. Brey needs to nail Hunter D., a second recruit of less caliber (Timberlake if he has the grades, or a DJ steward) then go after the Huffmans and Galloways of the world. That's his sweet spot.

Tom Noie: Joe: Very true, and honestly, Notre Dame knew Cole Anthony wasn't coming. Ever. They figured with everything else factoring into Isaiah Stewart, staying with him during his injury, going to LaLumiere, Pat Holmes talking up Notre Dame, etc., they'd at least....get an official visit. When Stewart cut his list to five, I was told by someone knee-deep in college recruiting that no way was he going to Washington. Where'd he go? Washington....again, recruiting's a crazy freaking world that none of us will never understand. Ever.

Vince : How is Carmody progressing? Hard to get a fair read on him since he was not healthy except for 1 game but I really think ND lack the toughness and attitude he can provide. I was impressed seeing him play in that first game and then that damn injury bug. Totally agree that the game has to slow down for him but do you think experience will help and maybe sitting out taught him some things

Tom Noie: Vince: You'd hope so, like he was able to see the college game up close and understand how to impact them. Might be good. Last I heard, Carmody not yet cleared for 5-on-5 but will be soon. Hard to say how he fits because we saw so little of what he could do....what he really could do. Like slash and hustle, play with an edge. All that stuff, that can fit nicely next season.

joe from the south side: Tom: BTW, Carmody's brother was just offered by Kelly. 6'7" about 275 lbs. Plays BBL like an offensive lineman. I'm just sayin'.......

Tom Noie: Our recruiting guru, Carter Karels, would like a

joe from the south side: Tom: I can understand it. Follow the money. Always suspicious when Auburn, So Cal, Wash....start having Top 10 BBL recruiting classes out of nowhere. BTW, I played BBL with Marty Blazer for over 10 years. Follow the money!

Tom Noie: Joe: True. And the thing is, the school's that are shady don't care one bit that they're shady. Here's a story I was told by a college coach who was at the Final Four. She was being heckled by a bunch of Auburn fans. She finally had had enough and said, "You guys are bunch of $%#^&$* cheaters." Their response? Who cares, at least we got to the Final Four. That's the mindset of a lot of college programs - just get there. Be good. Be relevant. Forget the rules. Dare the NCAA to do something. Notre Dame refuses to play that game.

joe from the south side: Tom: Not to shift gears, but what about Cronin and UCLA? That just doesn't pass the eye test.

Tom Noie: Joe: Another story to underscore that it was time - Cronin was coaching Cincinnati in the first round of the tournament. In Columbus....OHIO! Fans in the front row were grumbling that the hoped UC would lose so they could get rid of Cronin. He was what, one of a handful of coaches to take his teams to the tournament each of the last eight years? Not good enough for the fan base. Goes back to my belief that EVERY coach believes he's got one more move/payday left in his career.

joe from the south side: Tom: General consensus is Brey and Beilein run the cleanest programs with Gard, Bennett and Izzo in the next tier. IYO, who runs some of the dirtiest programs? In my mind, Bruce Pearl has to be the poster boy for how to run the dirtiest program. Sean Miller is not too far behind.

Tom Noie: Just follow the federal trial, you know, the one that was supposed to "blow the lid off" college recruiting? Thing is, coaches in the game know who's not playing by the rules. It's the biggest open secret in the game. Some of the, seriously, Hollywood wouldn't buy the script. Not believable. But all of it happens.

Tom Noie: Just an update, this is Tom Noie, and not Tom Noie, but if anybody has an Ian Book question they want

Wadelite: I still think a traditional transfer point guard would help next season and obviously beyond. IMO it does Hubb zero good to scrimmage daily versus Djogo running the point versus the second team and it sure does not help Djogo. I don't like going into 20-21 with one legit experienced pg. Pick up a combo guard in 2020. Best scenario Brey ever had was Farrell learning the ropes going up against Jackson and Grant in practice. Roster management.

Tom Noie: Wade: True, but Matt Farrell was pretty good. Speaking of which, how many times did we hear about that I-95 toughness last year. Same number of games Notre Dame won in the NCAA the last two years - zero.

Adam: Seems like all the more reason to bring Norris onboard, no? Plenty of scholarships available, clear need, proven production at the D1 level. Not to beat a dead horse, but what's the downside?

Tom Noie: Adam: Really, none....except from the standpoint that Notre Dame needs somebody to help next year. Mike Brey always talking about getting old and staying old, then they were young last year. Bring in a grad transfer and stay old, get an experienced guy who maybe has a different view/drive than the guys who were there last year. A transfer COULD help in 2020-21, but when you've missed the tournament two-straight years, 2019-20 is priority one, two and three.

Adam: But that's not really the argument. It has nothing to do about next year. It's about the roster for the future. They need more guards beyond next year and had one sitting in their laps.

Tom Noie: Adam: That IS the argument....but not really an argument. Can't be that concerned about 2020-21 and beyond if you can't fix it next season. And again, they feel they'll have the scholarship flexibility to explore a transfer/graduate transfer again in December...or April. Notre Dame doesn't get it back on track NEXT year, who's to say what the future looks like. Right?

joe from the south side: Tom: You mentioned earlier that Anthony S. was the "in your face" coach. Always thought there was a spot for guys like Ben H. filling that role. Since he left WKU, what is he doing these days?

Tom Noie: Joe: Ben Hansbrough is working in Kentucky, wife recently had a child and has another on way....might not be ready for the grind of college hoops.

Phil: A lot of hate being shown for Mike Brey in this chat. I have never been the biggest fan of his, but given the lack of resources and fact that Administration doesn't care about men's basketball, he has done an admirable job. I am not sure who these people think would take the ND job and do much better than Mike has. Agree or disagree?

Tom Noie: Phil: Can't agree more. Like, 258've said it before and will say it for as long as Mike Brey has been here. I don't know if there are five coaches, maybe less, who could've done what he's done here with similar results. They'd have been fed up with the lack of facilities, the loss of the Big East, the emphasis on football, etc. They'd have been on the first or second train out to another job. Brey's made it work. Should he have been better in this year or that year? Absolutely. But is any fan base truly happy with their coach? You have to ask yourself, how does the administration see Notre Dame basketball? Short answer - exactly what Brey's done with it. Don't like it? That's not a Brey problem. That's a problem with Notre Dame.

Adam: So the plan is to just give up on planning for the future and hope this year goes great? Even if it does, then what? You have 6 open scholarships, possibly more. Why not take a guy that could help you build for the future, won't prevent you from getting anyone for now, and helps you balance your classes more?

Tom Noie: Adam: No, you can't "hope" this year goes great. You have to make sure it goes great, and get it all back on track. Another Braden Norris (really, we're worked up about Braden Norris??) will be there in December and again in April. You also have Prentiss Hubb and Dane Goodwin for two more years and Robby Carmody for three after this year. Again, a tough sell for a guard who wants PT.

Bill : Has the new practice facility lived up to expectations in terms of of the day-to-day requirements for a big time program? At least from an outsider's perspective, it seems its unveiling has been a little chopped up and disorganized

Tom Noie: Bill: Waaay too early. Still somewhat of a blank canvas. The program didn't start moving in until April 1. It was there but kind of sort of not really last year. They used it but it wasn't fully operational. We'll have to see after next season.

joe from the south side: Tom: I'll give you one name who fits the bill if Brey goes after this year.....Porter Moser

Tom Noie: Joe: Filed away.....though he's got it good in Chicago. He can coach there as long as he wants. Perfect fit professionally, and personally.

Wadelite: The state of the art practice facility. If you build it they will come. That's what we were told. No verbal since Chris Doherty. Hmmm.

Tom Noie: Wade: You gotta finish it first. Staff and players were using a side exit door much of the season because the place wasn't done. It was so disjointed.

Adam: It's not really about Norris. Just...what's the plan? Recruit a class of 5-6 every other year? Hope you don't have too many defections in an era where that's unrealistic? I just don't understand. I'm fine with them passing on the 2019 class, more or less. I even understand the bullishness on the 2020 class. But there are SO MANY scholarships opening up, and the roster imbalance across classes is quite obviously a problem and one that Brey in particular has always tried to ensure isn't a problem in his program. Now it just doesn't seem like there is a plan to correcting it, and I just don't see how that's sustainable. Not in this program at least.

Tom Noie: Adam: Here's the plan as I've been told from the inside of the basketball office - they believe they have enough talent to win next season and get back to the NCAA tournament. And when that happens, everything else takes care of itself. Let's see....

Bill : Looking 5-7 years down the road upon Brey retiring, I assume Ingelsby is the guy waiting in the wings. I would think, ideally, ND would like to see him go to a higher level school than Delaware between now and then. Would would be the perfect stepping stone job in that situation?

Tom Noie: Bill:

Tom Noie: Bill: Is jack Swarbrick still AD in five to seven years? That would impact if Brey gets to groom/help pick his successor. I don't see it happening.

Adam: "Everything else takes care of itself" is not particularly comforting, but I very much appreciate you engaging with me, Tom.

Tom Noie: Maybe not comforting, but you've got to figure this staff has a's not like they woke one morning earlier this month and said, well, look at that....we've got a roster imbalance brewing. They're smart enough to figure it out....maybe.

joe from the south side: Tom: Here ND is coming off the worst 2 year stretch in recent memory and and we have a 3 hour chat in May. Love the fact that people care this much! But, temper your expectations. A realistic outcome might be under .500 in league play and barely making the NCAAs or even the NIT. Considering all the injuries and transfers, that might be a significant step.

Tom Noie: Joe: Let's go for four....and what's wrong with high expectations? Better to set the bar that high (and it's really not that high) than too low, right? Just figure that all the run of bad stuff that's happened the last two years is bound to swing the other direction. And getting into the NCAA tournament may mean going 10-10 in the league and going to Dayton. it's not like this team's projected to be a top-four

Adam: I generally give Brey and staff the benefit of the doubt, that they know something we don't that dictates their decisions in ways we can't understand. I kinda thought confidence in Ivey may have been a reason they were withholding an offer from Norris, then once he committed to Purdue, they would offer. But then they started offering some other 2020 guards that they have been recruiting for awhile, and it just seemed like Ivey caught them by surprise and they were making it up as they go. That's why I'm nervous about the lack of plan or, at least, the lack of internal information that the 2020 class is going to come together like they have planned. Is it? Who are they super confident they are going to land? That's really where my concerns lie.

Tom Noie: Adam: Don't get hung up on not getting Ivey. Gotta trust me on that one - it might be for the better that he's not at Notre Dame. For all involved. The Ivey commitment was not a surprise. it was headed in that direction for a while. It's OK to be nervous....that's what makes it how are they going to shake free of this and succeed? In recruiting, you can't be super confident about anything. Case in point - Matthew Hurt. Notre Dame was the first power conference school in on him, I want to say as a sophomore. Hurt loved Notre Dame. Loved Brey. Family did too. How did that one go? Not even on Final Five radar. It's harder than any of us will understand to do what this staff has to do, and do it against who they have to do it against.

joe from the south side: Tom: Your continued affinity for Dayton, OH.

Tom Noie: UD, baby.....The city....not so much! lol

Wadelite: The thing I liked about Norris was a freshman he could make treys. Like half the ones he took. He was 6 for 8 at the Breslin center as a true frosh. After last seasons clankfest, it sure seemed like someone you could use for the future and take the ball handling pressure of Hubb...who btw shoots better off the pass. There are not a lot of point guards in the transfer portal who shoot near 50 percent on treys. They are not a dime a dozen as you suggest. He barely had his name in the portal and they brought him in and then noel not interested despite plenty of roster space. The loosest coach in America better strike gold with 2020 recruits, particularly guards who can shoot. Kind of a problem last season and it does not seem a strong suit for Hubb or Carmody.

Tom Noie: Wade: Kid went from Oakland to Loyola.....that happens, there's probably a reason. Give me a choice between Norris and Pierce and I'm taking Pierce every single time. They can find another Norris, not necessarily as a transfer but a commit. Let's see.....

Bill : When you say that ND does not prioritize men's basketball, would say that is the way of doing things under Swarbrick? Or is it a kind of irreversible symptom of being lost in the college basketball wilderness without a conference in the 90s? I totally understand football comes first, second and third, but there are plenty of football blue bloods that are able to also concentrate their resources to the basketball program

Tom Noie: Bill: Look how long it took to re-do the arena. Then to get a practice facility. Hoops just got its getting its second in the fall. But that's how it works. Always has. Always will.

Drew: Looking into the future, when Brey decides his time is up at ND (not saying it should be soon), who might ND look to? Do you go with an alum like Inglesby or even Monty Williams (I know that's a stretch)? Or an outsider who may have shown some coaching chops at a high level?

Tom Noie: Drew: Blank slate right now. Nobody stands out. Chris Quinn didn't want to leave the NBA to go to college and coach, why would Monty Williams? The next hire may be someone nobody sees coming.

joe from the south side: Tom: Chicago kid, Catholic HS Champion, went to Creighton, coached at St Louie under Majerus, and then made a Final 4 run at another Catholic school. He checks a lot of boxes. Even the Jesuits have their price.

Tom Noie: Joe: As long as he wears socks and doesn't cheat on his

Drew: Man, maybe I'm too optimistic, but some of this panic from ND fans seems a little over the top. I'll admit there were times in Brey's tenure when I questioned if he should keep his job or not, but he's always won me back. Some of Brey's best teams have come after 1 or 2 disappointing years. It's become kind of a cliche recently, but some of us need to trust the process.

Tom Noie: Drew: Joel Embiid agrees. Kind of. Sort of.

Drew: Do you remain in contact with guys like Demetrius Jackson? Do you think there's another shot at the NBA in his future?

Tom Noie: Drew: Demetrius, shall I say, is a little difficult to pin down. The majority of the former players, I can usually get with a text or a phone call. Demetrius doesn't fall into that category. NBA windows for players like Jackson are open only so slightly, and then slam shut. He's had chances with three teams - Boston, Houston, Philadelphia. None have panned out. He'

Tom Noie: He's still on the grind believing he has a place, and that's awesome to see, but the longer he goes, the harder it is to scramble back and stick.

Tom Noie: Thanks to everyone who joined today's chat. Solid effort. And thanks for sticking with us with the new format....we'll get it figured out. Any additional questions, comments, concerns about hoops or the chat, drop me a note at Let's do it again in early June.