Chat Transcript: Talk Notre Dame hoops with Tom Noie

Tom Noie
South Bend Tribune

Tom Noie: And.....we're back. Welcome back to the Notre Dame hoops chat. You know the drill. Ask a question, make a comment. Include your name and hometown. It's quick. it's easy. it's hoops season. Let's go....

Joey: Do you think Hunter Dickinson is signed, sealed, and delivered to Duke?

Tom Noie: That would be power forward Hunter Dickinson, a four-star prospect from DeMatha Catholic (Md.). He's down to four schools - Notre Dame, Duke, Michigan and Florida State. Don't think he's signed and sealed to Duke. Mike Krzyzewski already has five blue-chip prospects committed. Dickinson would be No. 6. Duke arrived to the recruiting party late (as it tends to do). That might not have gone over all that well. Mike Brey's been recruiting Dickinson since the kid was a freshman. Think that still means something. It might come down to Notre Dame and Michigan, which would be a surprise. Though this is recruiting, where there really are no surprises.

Joey: Do you think T.J. Gibbs is more of the 40% 3 pt shooter we saw as a sophomore or the putrid shooter we saw last year or somewhere in between?

Tom Noie: it's not just the 31.8 percent from 3 that saw T.J. Gibbs go from really good as a sophomore to unwatchable as a junior. it was EVERYTHING...his leadership, his shot selection, his pressing to be the guy. Think he felt the proverbial weight of the basketball world on his shoulders last year, especially when Rex Pflueger was lost with the knee injury. Like HE had to do something. HE had to lead. HE had to score. Get back to being just a piece to the puzzle, and Gibbs can get back to his sophomore season. As for his shooting wasn't just Gibbs. It was everybody in that nobody could consistently make a shot. Any shot.

Ed: Who do you think will be the X factor? Or rather who do you think will make the biggest jump from last year?

Tom Noie: Ed: It's a lot to put on his shoulders, but it's got to be Nate Laszewski, given the way he he came on at the end of last season. He was so good, and the coaching staff was so confident in him that Laszewski's arc is a key reason why D.J. Harvey now is at Vanderbilt. The coaching staff basically said that if Harvey wanted to stay (he did) he'd have to change his game and accept a reduced role (he didn't). Why? Laszewski better fits with what this offense wants/needs to do. Nate Laszewski is going to have every opportunity to have a big year. He's going to get minutes. He's going to get shots. He's going to look a lot different than he did last year. A big jump beckons No. 14. Expect him to make it.

Charles South Bend: I'm very optimistic on this team for the upcoming season. Lots of young talent that's yet to find their place. Who has the biggest breakout season? My money is on Nate Laszewski and Robby Carmody surprising with hustle.

Tom Noie: Charles: See the previous question. Without question, it's Laszewski, but Robby Carmody's not far behind. He's going to carve out minutes just because of the way he plays.

Jeff: What is a realistic goal for this year’s team...the NIT?

Tom Noie: Jeff: Been bouncing that question around the last couple weeks as October neared. And now that it's here. Coming off 3-15, why can't this team at least go 10-10 and put itself in position for an NCAA tournament bid? Why not set the bar high - and really, is the bar THAT high given that we're only four years removed from an Elite Eight? Yeah, it's going to be hard, but if - and that's a massive IF given the last two years - this team stays healthy and can make a higher percentage of shots, it really should go 10-10, Average, yes, but after last year, man, 10-10 would be a huge win.

Jake: Did T.J. Gibbs improve this offseason?

Tom Noie: Jake: Don't know if he needed improve as much as he needed to settle down and realize what it takes to be a good guard, a good teammate, a good captain. It's not about shouldering the load every night. It's about doing what you do best and allowing those around you to do the same. T.J. Gibbs finally has some real chemistry with Prentiss Hubb. That was a struggle last year. T.J. Gibbs knows this is his last shot. He doesn't want to be the guy who went his final three years with no NCAA tournament. I'd be stunned if he wasn't more of his sophomore self and less of his junior self.

Jake: Who are the likely redshirts for the year?

Tom Noie: Jake: Nobody. Given how health has been an issue the last two years, it has to be all-hands-on-deck . Has to be. Notre Dame enters the regular season opener at Notre Dame - which is three weeks from Wednesday - with only 10 available scholarship players. Injuries have crippled the rotation the last two years. The roster's too thin to think about saving a guy....we saw how that worked out last year with Chris Doherty. In theory, it would be nice. In reality, not so much.

Scott: Who will be the biggest surprise this year? New player or improved player?

Tom Noie: Scott: Let's go biggest surprise as T.J. Gibbs in that we'll see him play and think, Ah, that's the T.J. Gibbs we remember. The easy answer would be for guys like Prentiss Hubb or Nate Laszewski to surprise, but I expect those guys to be really good. Juwan Durham? He might be a surprise in that I don't know if anyone really knows what he can be. Too much of an unknown after .... wait for it .... injuries derailed his development a year ago.

Joe from the south side: Tom: Good to have you back in the saddle. Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. Odds on getting Hunter D? Now that Isaiah Todd is down to MICH and KAN, does that knock MICH out of the Hunter D derby? Duke coming on strong late scares me. How does Coach K get away with haTom Noieng out 15 scholarships (Senior class to 2020 recruits)? Does he anticipate one and done from most of his kids? Seems a bit disingenuous or is this my naivete?

Tom Noie: Joe: It's not an official hoops chat until you bring the recruiting query. Now we're good??? lol I think Michigan is more of a factor than Duke for Dickinson, but then again, who really knows? Mike K recruits knowing at least one, probably two and likely three of the incoming guys will be one-and-dones. Just the way of the basketball world. Yeah, it gets Duke a whole bunch of recruiting kudos, but how does that translate to NCAA tournament success? Think people down Tobacco Road way would trade the top-ranked recruiting class for a group that, I don't know, could actually get Duke back to another Final Four....

Justin G: Where do you see Carmody in the rotation this year?

Tom Noie: Justin: Hard to say on Oct. 7 because it's such an incomplete roster. Rex Pflueger hasn't been cleared. Nik Djogo's not cleared. Mike Brey likes old guys - and especially old guards. Carmody was a hustle guy last year, but struggled to make shots. Can he make shots this year? If he can find a niche, he can be a double-digit minutes guy. Gotta see this team play a few exhibitions to really get a handle on how the rotation may eventually shake out.

Justin G: Do you see Prentiss Hubb proving he is a solid point guard and improve his shooting. Ft. Wayne IN.

Tom Noie: Justin: Yes and yes and yes, times 10. Yeah, Prentiss Hubb struggled with his shot selection (oof!) and decision making (double oof!) last year, but lost in 3-15 was what he did overall. From a lead guard standpoint. From a minutes standpoint (33.6). From an assist standpoint (131). The critics like to forget that he missed his senior season of high school because of a knee injury - then did all that. Prentiss Hubb is on track to be one of the really good guards in a league filled with them. He's going to be good. Might already be there...

Nick B - South Bend: Are we landing Hunter Dickinson? Any other realistic 2020 recruits?

Tom Noie: Nick: Stay tuned on Hunter Dickinson, who might - MIGHT - visit campus this weekend. As for 2020 recruits, that's it. He'd be the third power forward in the class (Matt Zona, Elijah Taylor), which leaves the coaching staff flexibility to explore eventual transfer (even grad transfer) in the spring.

Tom from South Bend: Who has looked to be improved in scrimmages and practice?

Tom Noie: Tom: Going to have to plead the fifth on that one. Have seen zero scrimmages and practices. We media dopes are scheduled to see one next week once Pflueger and Djogo are cleared. That would give them nine guys. Currently they have seven, which makes 5-on-5 tough and even tougher to see what's what.

James from NC: Do you think this team can make the NCAA tourney? Gibbs can’t be any worse than last year - right??

Tom Noie: James: Why not? Yeah, the league's a crusher. So is the schedule. And who knows the psychological damage that remains from 3-15. But a program like Notre Dame, the baseline expectation should be the NCAA at the least. Who plays for the NIT? lol

Sam from MA: What are the feelings of Gibbs inside the program? Shocking he was so bad as usually guys improve under Brey

Tom Noie: Sam: The feeling? It's go time for Gibbs. Play like a senior should play in this program or move aside and let the young guys learn on the fly. Like, who do you want to be? We'll see.

Mike from IL: Why is the staff not targeting more guards? They’re losing Mooney and Gibbs and Rex

Tom Noie: Mike: No more guards....too many already. Say Nik Djogo decides to return for a fifth year in 2020-21, the perimeter would consist of Prentiss Hubb, Dane Goodwin, Robby Carmody, Nik Djogo and Cormac Ryan, the Stanford can Brey recruit a guard and show him something every prospect wants - immediate playing time?

Nathan - Las Vegas : Hey Tom! Can’t wait for the season to start. Quick question on recruiting/transfers. Can you update on where ND is at after landing Cormac Ryan, Elijah Taylor and Matt Zona in the last several months. Saw something yesterday that ND passed on JaKobe Coles and that’s the reason he committed to Butler, but they are still swinging for the fences on HD and Puff Johnson. I don’t feel confident about either. The same source mentioned that they will likely land a wing in the late signing period. What have you heard?

Tom Noie: Nathan: It's pretty much Dickinson or bust for the early period. The Coles-Zona situation likely was similar to the Rex Pflueger-Jalen Coleman-Lands recruitment four years ago. Here's one spot...who wants it? Who's a better fit? Irish went with Pflueger then, went with Zona now. Bring in Taylor and Zona and possibly Dickinson now, then keep flexibility to add a wing (either senior or transfer) in the spring.

Jack from Los Angeles: Dickinson isn’t going to Duke considering they just signed multiple forwards in that class and just picked up a 4 Star lol.

Tom Noie: jack: True, but Duke still is Duke.....when Mike K comes calling, who knows what might happen....within the rules of course!

Adam S: Lot of buzz that Hubb will be "the guy" this year. What do you think the dynamic and load share between Gibbs and Hubb will be this season?

Tom Noie: Adam: I like the potential. After the year Gibbs had last year, and the year that Hubb had, I don't know if the Irish can afford to wait to see what Gibbs can offer. This is a team whose core are sophomores (outside of John Mooney who deserves first-team ACC consideration). Hand Hubb the keys and tell Gibbs to fit his game alongside. If he can't, someone else might. Harsh? Sure, but two years without an NCAA tournament appearance will do that.

Adam S: Starting lineup guarantees: Gibbs, Hubb, Mooney. Is Laz another guarantee? And is Rex back to 100% in time for the season? Is he a guaranteed starter even if he is, or is there a chance that Goodwin starts instead?

Tom Noie: Adam: Nate Laszewski's a starter lock. He's a major minute lock. He's a potential leading scorer lock. Those four will start three weeks from Wednesday at North Carolina. The fifth spot? Who knows. Maybe Dane Goodwin. Maybe Juwan Durham. All of that is contingent on what Rex Pflueger is like once he's cleared. If he's anywhere close to what he was before the knee injury, he's starting at Carolina. Look for him to eventually be a starter the more rust he can shake loose in Novmeber.

Joe from the south side: Tom: The problem with Carmody is a numbers game. Rex, Dane and Temple are all ahead of him on the depth chart. Likewise, Cormac Ryan and Dane will be there next year. Basically, he can only play one position and that position is well stocked.

Tom Noie: Joe: True, but too much is unknown. What if Rex isn't the Rex we've known? What if Goodwin can't make a shot? What if Gibbs is more the Gibbs of last year than the previous year? Carmody then becomes an option. Look, he was the first freshman in 15 years to start when he started the first game last season. The staff had to have seen something to put him in that spot. Maybe the rest of us will see it this year.

Victor : My lady friend and I love to come up from Salem and see some early-season Irish hoops. Aside from UCLA, what’s the best of those non-conference Home matchups?

Tom Noie: Vic! Where you been my man? Outside of UCLA, Marshall and Detroit Mercy will be interesting non-conference home games. And Howard, with the return of former Irish point guard Eric Atkins as a Howard assistant coach. Really, every non-league home game will be interesting to see how the Irish pieces come together. Who are they going to be? How much better will they be for opening at Carolina? Intrigue abounds, like the Days of Our Lives.

Jack: ND going after anyone besides Dickinson in 2020 class or is focus on Wesley and other 2021 prospects?

Tom Noie: Jack: It's Dickinson in the fall, a possible win (prospect or transfer) in the spring and then it's on to the 2021 class.

Wadelite: Tom, after the injuries the last two seasons don't you think Brey is playing with fire having only 10 active scholarship players this season and potentially the same amount in 20-21. Right now for next season there are just 5 on scholarship for the 3 perimeter positions and Djogo may decide to make it 4 if he chooses the grad transfer route.

Tom Noie: Wade: I think if you asked Mike Brey to honestly answer that question, he'd say he played with fire last year and was completely torched with having TOO MANY possibilities. Remember the Radford game, he FORGOT to sub in Nate Laszewski, arguably the team's best 3-point shooter, because he was too caught up in mixing and matching combinations. Last year was a nightmare for him having too many guys (before the injuries hit). He's never going down that road again. He's also banking on the injuries that have crushed this program the last two years are over. If they are, 10's fine. If they're not.....buckle up

Joe from the south side: Tom: Any luck on a 2021 trifecta? JRK already in and I know they are after Caleb Furst and Blake Wesley. Any shot at all 3? Also, why is it that DeMatha and LaLumiere turn out major D1 prospects annually, and Brey seems to strike out every time. Shouldn't they be a pipeline?

Tom Noie: Too early to on 2021. Blake Wesley's a talent, but what do his academics look like? Don't know. Don't know much about Furst? Yeah, he could be an option, but how does that change when IU comes calling? Seems it always does when it comes to ITom Noieana kids. LaLu guys are looking for something different than what Notre Dame offers. Same too with DeMatha. Just because there's a connection doesn't necessarily mean there's a pipeline. That D.C. pipeline was established at a different time for college basketball. Prospects today have to want the full Notre Dame experience. As they say, it's not for everybody.

J.D. : How do you see the current two front court commits fitting in at ND next year? I know that’s impossible to answer but what would you guess?

Tom Noie: J.D: I like both of them. Elijah Taylor will bring a certain level of nastiness this program just doesn't have. Matt Zona can be an inside-outside guy, a little here, a little there. They may not have the recruiting resumes fans want, but they have games this program really needs.

Coach from Reading, PA. : Tom. I think Juwan Durham is the key guy. Has to be able to score inside. Do you think he can step it up? If not, does ND have another post player? Thanks

Tom Noie: Coach: It's a two-man show in the low post - John Mooney and Juwan Durham. What little I saw of Juwan in the summer was he still liked the fade baseline jumper to mixing it up down low. Maybe that's changed. If it has, and he can stay healthy, we see an impact Juwan Durham.

Nathan - Las Vegas : What’s the coaching staff’s confidence in Durham this season? He impacted the game so much at times when he was on the floor, but you could tell he was still so raw and was dealing with injuries. Would love to see Mooney and Durham on the court at the same time when it calls for it.

Tom Noie: Nathan: This tells you all you need to know about the coaching staff's confidence in Durham - it's Durham and John Mooney who'll represent Notre Dame at Tuesday's ACC media day in Charlotte. They're pushing and prodding him to be an impact guy. Like, here it is. Grab it. Can he? Will he?

Adam S: Might as well try to get in on the recruiting fun - Darlinstone Dubar recently mentioned ND as one of his favorite schools recruiting him. Are they pursuing him heavily?

Tom Noie: Adam: Wouldn't classify it as "heavily." He's there, but he's really not there. Kind of a maybe, maybe not scenario.

Wadelite: Tom to piggyback on Mike's question about guards for 20-21, when you are recruiting 3 star guys you should not have to guarantee immediate PT. There should be a developmental expectation just like the big men. If they don't like the situation they can transfer like Farrell almost did, but don't put your team in a position like they had with Boston college last season where they only had 6 healthy on scholarship. The potential of having just 10 on scholarship with 5 allocated to 3 positions is inexcusable.

Coach from Reading, PA. : Tom. Your crossover dribble looks great. I haven’t seen one that good since Iverson. I really enjoyed listening to Pat Connaughton outside the Bookstore ion the Friday before the New Mexico game. Will ND ever regain the heights reached by that team?

Tom Noie: And doing it with a dress shirt and sport coat on....I can give you heavy minutes (and a lot of shots) if needed. Put me in! As for a repeat of 2014-15, that might be as good as it ever gets for this program....look back and understand how much talent was on that team....think only two guys (Austin Torres and Matt Gregory) didn't play or aren't still playing professionally. Of my 22 years on the beat, that's still the best I've ever seen. And may see.

Ron from St. Joseph MI: Do we just pencil in John Mooney for 18 and 10 every night or will the ACC catch up to him?

Tom Noie: Ron: Go 18 and 10 or 21 and 12 or 19 and 13....just imagine what he might do with some help....from Gibbs or Durham or Laszewski....he's just that good.

Alex from MA: Did the coaching staff misuse Harvey or was that just a case of going after the talented player and hope to integrate him into the system? Were they upset he was leaving?

Tom Noie: Alex: D.J. Harvey....where to begin......I think it was, let's recruit this really talented kid who doesn't have much of an idea of how to truly play and we'll get him to see the light. He never did.

Alex from MA: You said Harvey wanted to stay. The coaching staff forced him out?

Tom Noie: Alex: Not necessarily. He wanted to stay, but he wanted to stay in the SAME ROLE he was in last year - a starter, a major minute guy, a main guy. The staff couldn't promise that and wanted him to change his game. He didn't want to change. He didn't want to be a reserve. So he left. Sometimes it's best for everyone....that was the case with him.

Chad from Toledo: If Mike Brey never goes down that road of too many subs as you mentioned!Today Who starts n who are the 3 main subs for this season??

Tom Noie: Chad: Let's take it as Rex Pflueger returns fully rehabbed and recovered from the knee injury. And Nik Djogo is rehabbed and fully recovered from shoulder surgery. You've got 10 available guys. Your starting five are Prentiss Hubb, T.J. Gibbs, Rex Pflueger, Nate Laszewski and John Mooney with Dane Goodwin, Robby Carmody and Juwan Durham off the bench. Or sub Djogo for Carmody with Chris Doherty on the outside looking in for any remaining minute crumbs.

Joey: Nobody is mentioning Dane Goodwin. He can really be a contributor.

Tom Noie: Joey: And that's OK....let Dane Goodwin kind of sneak up on people coming off the bench, which is why it's key that Pflueger returns to do Pflueger things. Goodwin wasn't ready for that role last year. Yeah, he scored (6.4) and rebounded (3.2) adequately for a freshman, but man, he labored to hit shots - 37.6 percent from the field, 34.3 from 3. Think if he has a year he can spend watching how Rex works, he's a got a chance to be really good.

Tom of the Bend: Why don't we recruit overseas? Everyone else does. Texas Tech would not have been in the finals without a PG from Italy (who never attended an American school). And Virginia rallied when they put in a center from Guinea. I know we got Tom Timmermans years ago (from the same prep school that Mamadi Diakite went to) and Geben a few years ago, but we seem to generally ignore this source (and our recruiting sure needs help).

Tom Noie: Tom: Good question. Mike Brey said many years ago it would be time and effort and money and energy better spent not scouting/tracking guys in Europe. You spend a lot of time and effort and money and energy on someone who winds up staying overseas and turning pro or having another school swoop in and close the deal. Not that Brey's not open to the idea, but they'd have to be involved with someone who was just as interested only in Notre Dame as they were in the kid. Only then would it work. There hasn't been a situation like that.

Joey: You mentioned earlier that Gibbs and Hubb have great chemistry now. I thought you haven’t watched them? Did someone mention this to you?

Tom Noie: Joey: We saw them in July when the media was invited to a practice and.....Notre Dame had six available players. They were really good in the talked with Prentiss Hubb afterward and he mentioned that he and Gibbs are so much further along then when they played together last year. Think Gibbs was more wishing Pflueger was still around than fitting his game to Hubb's. The more they've played together, the smoother it's been.

Joey: Is Gibbs done feeling sorry for himself?

Tom Noie: Joey: First, you get MVP of the chat....solid first-time out effort. Second, Gibbs better be. Mike Brey had no choice but to play him last year....don't think that will be the case this time around.

Joe from the south side: Tom: Looking forward to traveling to this away game and dreading going to his away game. What would those be and why?

Tom Noie: Joe: Great, great question. Love it. What road game am I looking forward to? Easy. North Carolina. Nobody knows what to expect from the Irish. How deep is the chip on their collective shoulder from 3-15? North Carolina's talented, but it takes time for everything to gel. If you're going to pull off a surprise, this is the surprise to pull. First game out, nobody knows quite what to expect, Carolina's at home, feeling they have to impress. Dreaded road game? Also easy. Duke. Cameron Indoor Stadium at the end of a week that also includes trips to Clemson and Virginia. Will the Irish be running on fumes? Will the Cavaliers have swiped their soul? Cameron Indoor's not the easiest place to play, and the young guys for Notre Dame have never been there. Ask Pat Connaughton and Jerian Grant how THEY responded first time in that atmosphere. It's a recipe for an Irish implosion.

Chuck Perkins: What’s the outlook for this edition of Fighting Irish hoops,and go Irish!

Tom Noie: Chuck: Quick answer....too early to tell...stay tuned!

Joey: With there being only 2 all-acc guys returning this year (Nwora & Mooney), I think the Irish sneak into double bye territory. They can be that good. Of course, the caveat is being able to hit a shot and finish close games.

Tom Noie: Joey: And you were doing so well....One word will suffice. Notachance. They're not even in the same area code as Duke, North Carolina, Virginia or Louisville. Maybe not the same time zone.

Joey: Was the 2015 in that same time zone to start the year? No.

Tom Noie: See Connaughton, Pat. See Grant, Jerian.....and we're not even going to mention Auguste and Jackson and Vasturia and the optimism, but

Joe from the south side: Tom: Curious to hear your take on Cormac Ryan when you get to see him. A lengthy athletic Vasturia with the stroke of Colin Falls. He can play three positions. Note how quickly he came of the board when he announced his transfer. Could be very very special for ND.

Tom Noie: Joe: And there's no guessing with him. He becomes a major minute guy from the jump next year. A starter. A key piece. The staff loves him. Looking forward to seeing him play.

Kevin: Do you think Scott Martin will be adding anything to the program Eric Atkins wasn't able to provide? How do you feel the staff is as a whyole now?

Tom Noie: Kevin: Not really, because it's not a coaching position. It's video coordinator/ assistant ops stuff. You're trading one ND/Brey guy for another ND/Brey guy, so the message will be the same. Still feel there's something missing from this staff....someone who will get after these guys when needed. Nice guys on the court; nice guys off the court. But something missing....

Joe from the south side: Tom: The 2015 had NBA level talents. At least guys who got a look. No one on this team is getting drafted. Maybe Nate L. down the road. The 3 seniors may be playing ball in the USA next year, but it will be pick up games. I think you are right that they are multiple rebuilding years away.

Tom Noie: Joe: Again, love Joey's optimism but man, that's a light-year leap to go from 3-15 to finishing ahead of one of those top four teams. Granted, some strange stuff could happen to the top half of the league, but Notre Dame beat nobody not named Boston College or Georgia Tech last year. The Irish should be better than 3-15 this year, but not top-four better.

Kevin: I was able to watch the scrimmage before New Mexico game and clearly these kids have put some time in the weight room, Laz and Hubb looked like very different players. Brey's teams always surprise the most when expectations are the least, lets hope this year is the case again.

Tom Noie: Kevin: That was Job One. The offseason was different than any other in that they had to live in the weight room with strength and coTom Noietioning coordinator Tony Rolinski. They had to develop ACC-type of bodies. That was more important than speed and agility gains or vertical leap leaps. They'll surprise this year, but that will only go so far - like 10-10 would be a massive jump off 3-15. Would you take 10-10 today? Count me in....

Joe from the south side: Tom: The three game road trip is a meat grinder, but at least it comes in FEB, so they will have 20+ games under their belts. Barring injury, they could win their last 5. Virginia Tech will backslide w/o Buzz Williams. And doubling up on Georgia tech, Boston College and Florida State is favorable. I think if the cards fall right they can get to the 8 or 9 slot.

Tom Noie: Joe: Agree. The back end of the schedule offers a breather, but will there be anything left once they get there. The February gauntlet looms, but people forget that once January arrives, four of the first six are on the road (where Notre Dame went 1-8 last year) with the home games against Louisville (with no students back) and Syracuse......gulp!

Joe from the south side: Tom: It's the ACC. You need to recruit or the league will spit you out. Ask Danny Manning or Josh Pastner. Big splash results. That's why the recruiting topic is always so important to me. Also, if you get a chance, watch the film on E. Taylor. D1 body, D1 attitude. Both he and Zona invite contact. I've always felt that was something missing from Brey's teams. Cerebral, no quit, coachable, but unwilling to mix it up.

Tom Noie: Preach!

Joe from the south side: Tom: Does Bil Laimbeer have any eligibility left? The ULTIMATE instigating thug and one of my all-time favorites.

Tom Noie: Harold Swanagan would like a word.,...and a back screen do u expect rex to play more than 20 mites a game this year?

Tom Noie: If Rex Pflueger is healthy, he's playing 30 minutes a game this season. It might take a while to get to that point based on his rehab, his conditioning, getting an overall feel for the game back after being out for 10 months.

Kevin: If you had $100.00 for a roulette wheel of next ND hoops coach how would you breakdown your $100?

Tom Noie: Kevin: No idea what that means....I don't bet, but if I had $100, I'd save it and take my wife out to

Kevin: As an example, $100.00 to bet on next coach. $40.00 the field; $60.00 on Martin Ingelsby

Tom Noie: I'd go $100 on the field in that there may be an opening before Ingelsby's ready to make the jump from the CAA to the ACC....

Justin G: If you see notre dame upsetting a top school we play this year, who do you think it will be. Virginia? North Carolina? or someone one?

Tom Noie: Justin: North Carolina given that it's the first game and nobody really knows anything about Notre Dame. There's no video to nothing. We'll go with Carolina and then Louisville, seeing as though that's a home game and the Irish can't be as bad this year as they were last year (2-7 in league play) at home

Tom Noie